Chapter 7

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When I came out of my bath Siwon gave me my tower and I dried myself. Then he gave me a silk button up shirt and a black pant. I got dressed and he lead me to my bedroom. ''Time for a hair cut !'' ''Please no ! Don't cut them !'' ''Taemin you can't look like a girl forever ! Even if you look hotter and fuckable with long hair it make you look like a kid !'' ''So what ? I love my long hair !'' ''I love them too ! So soft and shining ! They smell good too but orders are orders ! '' ''Siwon please ! Don't touch them !'' I walked toward the window my back to Siwon. ''You want to keep your long hair ?'' ''Yes !'' ''Let me fuck you then !'' I closed my eyes and sight ''Ok...just do it quickly before I change my mind !''

POV Jonghyun

Training is pretty intense ! The guys have trouble with the whole telepathic bound and even more trouble with their new power ! Kibum can use shadows, Minho have healing flames and Jinki have a lightning sword ! They are like kids trying to learn how to walk ! I swear they are exhausting. Today Kibum accidentaly slapped me with my own shadow, Jinki electrocuted me by accient too and Minho switch from blue to red flames on accident too ! Like uhg ! I can't anymore ! ''I'm taking a break !'' ''I'll help them ! You never were a patient one !'' said dad walking to the guys.  ''I'm just dead tired ! I can't anymore !'' ''Then take a nap !'' said Minseok in obvious bitchy tone ''I can't ! Insomnia ! Sleep won't come ! I need him !'' ''Here !''Kai threw me one of Taemin's sweater and i smelled it. ''Thank you...'' ''Now sleep !'' ordered Seokjin and i layed in the car to sleep a bit.  Taemin filled my sleep but it was a good dream. We were laying on my bed at my parents and i was gently tracing the bite mark i left on his neck during bounding. It was perfect ! I wish it was true... ''Jjong wake up ! We're going to eat !'' said Kibum ''Coming...''I got out and joined them. ''Slept well ?'' ''Yeah but i wish my dream was true..'' ''What was it ?'' asked my dad. ''It's cheesy just drop it ok ?'' ''Aw..Taemin right ? Let me guess ! After bounding right ?'' smiled our father ''Yeah how do you know ?'' ''I had the same dream when your mother and I were separated by our parents !'' ''They were against the two of you being together ?'' ''Yes they didn't liked each others so yeah ! But what's important is that were together now !'' We entered an old school diner and sat at a table. ''How are you guys feeling ? I didn't ask !'' ''We're doing good don't worry !'' answered Jinki ''I'm sorry for ruining your night last time !'' ''We'll have plenty of time to have sex when Taemin will be back don't worry about that !'' smiled Kibum making Minho blush.

After we ate we went back to our camp and the guys trained again while i was just deep in though. Taemin...I hope you're ok....''And you Leo ? How are you ?'' ''I'm going to suffer soon...My heat are coming...'' '''' ''Don't worry i'll survive !'' ''And you Jongin ?'' ''I'm furious but i'm ok ! I'm so ready to rip their head off !'' We stayed there in silence simply watching the guys train. They stopped when midnight came and we went to bed. Next morning Kibum was already up and training. ''Hey Kibum no need to train so much you know !'' ''I have to ! Want to bring Tae back ! And if I just stay like i am i would never be able to protect Jinki or Minho if needed !'' ''So that what scare you !'' ''Does it show so much that i'm terrifed ?'' ''No but i can tell ! I won't tell you not to worry because i know how you feel and i'm not even mated so i can only imagine how scared you are to be unable to protect them ! Let's train together ok ?'' He smiled and we trained until everyone was up. We ate breakfast before they start their training again. They were laughing when Leo came to us panting and scared. ''Leo what's wrong ?''

POV Taemin.

A white long sleeved shirt with black pants and no shoes that how i was forced to dress today. Today is the day....and it's too late now....I can't believe it...they couldn't make it. They couldn't save us....And today is my last day being free. I'm going to be stuck in Kyeha now...Goodbye Saskil and your beautiful nature ! I'll miss you dearly ! ''Taemin are you ready ?'' ''Yes.....''I got ou of my bedroom and saw Wonshik in a white t-shirt and black leather pants. ''It's gonna be ok Tae...everything is gonna be ok...'' he took my hand and we followed Siwon downstair to see a young man with blue hair and a beautiful tuxedo sitting beside Heechul taking. ''Here they are ! Taemin Wonshik ! Come and join us !'' said a smiling Heechul. We sat on the couch opposed to them and we listened to them talking. That it....we're fucked....

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