8.1 Aiden's Art Of Proving Them Wrong

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"You seem distracted today

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"You seem distracted today."

Brian's voice causes me to look up from the equipment I'm setting up.

He's one of the few people I get along with at work, especially since he's the only one I talk to. Being the good guy he is, he sometimes covers for me when I need a break of work to hurry home. Though he doesn't know much about my life, he's seen the change that took place in me. He watched me go from the carefree boy who was only working to afford the partying and drinking, to the mature man who has a home to support.

"Haven't slept, have you?" Brian guesses.

I chuckle, keeping my gaze on the camera I'm working with. I should probably tell him he's right and that I had been talking to Scarlett all night. She doesn't have much time during the day but at night, she somehow manages to stay up as long as I want. I have to admit I love it. Not once does she say she wants to sleep and it's usually me who falls asleep first.

Things aren't smooth when you're out of home, and being away from my bed and sleeping in my car can be exhausting. Not only do I have to make sure it's safe to sleep in parking lots, but my worry over Owen keeps me up most of the night.

Scarlett thinks I should go home, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. I know she's only worried that I'm still not perfectly healthy, but going back to tell mom I was wrong to walk out isn't something I want to do.

The commotion around the set brings the two of us to attention and I keep my grip firm on the camera stand as I look towards the source of the sound. We were supposed to be shooting the campaign for an up-and-coming clothing brand for Vogue. Though I don't see what all the hype about the 'Fashion-Fiesta' is, my company manager seems overly committed to this project. Not to mention the project director for Vogue, who seems to consider himself a big-shot already, ordering around the crew and telling people what to do. I've tried to stay out of his sight for now, but something tells me things are about to get a lot worse.

"How dare he cancel? Does he not know who I am?" the man continues to yell, brandishing his arms around as if swatting flies.

His fringe falls into his eyes and he jerks his head to the side every few seconds to push it back. I kind of want to ask him why he won't just pin it back or perhaps cut it off entirely? I'm not getting involved in his mess, though, so I keep my mouth shut and face averted while I wait for his tantrum to end.

"I can end his career," the man threatens.

I roll my eyes and straighten up, folding my arms across my chest and leaning back against the wall after balancing the stand. The man has gathered quite an audience and I'm sure that was his intention after all. Hollywood is filled with divas who barely know what they're worth.

A few pennies and some compliments is all.

"He said his mother is in the hospital," one of the models has the courage to say.

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