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She was a rose
in the hands of those
who had no intentions
of keeping her

A couple of weeks have passed by and Zachy's third birthday is nearing. A lot happened in those past weeks. Killian managed to make Heaven move in with him in his new apartment with Zachy. It took her long to agree to this. She didn't want to be a burden on him, but she was happy that she got to be with Zachy all the time now.

She still hasn't stopped searching for a job, even though Killian told her that she doesn't need to work and that he'll provide everything for her, from food to clothes, everything she'll ask for. His kind behavior towards her in the last few weeks surprised her. He didn't throw any bad remark at her or ignored her existence.

She hoped that he'll stay this and not change, but she knew better than to believe that everything is alright now and that he likes her. She always reminded herself, that everything he's doing is for their son and will always stay this way. He wants him to have a good childhood with both of his parents, unlike neither Killian and Heaven had.

He wanted to make up for the years where he was not present in his son's life. It pained him to think about how he didn't experience him being a tiny little baby or him taking his first step and saying his first words. Yet he was thankful that now he's by his side and making up for all those missed two years and months.

"We need to search for a kindergarten for him." Heaven said out of the blue as they were sitting in the living room and Zachy was playing puzzle with his dad. "I totally forgot about that, but there's one right beside us, we can ask there if you want." He answered. "Ok." She said. "What do you want to do today, buddy?" He asked Zachy who was still busy with puzzle on the floor.

"Swimming!" Zachy jumped up from his place and put his hands in the air. It was the cutest sight ever. "But it's cold outside, baby!" Heaven said. "We can figure it out. Look at him he's so happy!" Killian interfered. "I just don't want him to get sick, but if you two want to do this so bad then I'm in." At this Zachy run to his mom and hugged her tightly.

"The goofy bean only hugs me when he wants or gets something." She said hugging his tiny form back. Killian chuckled at what she said. He was truly happy being with them, he felt as if his life had a meaning now. He was happy when he was with Heaven in the past and now he's sure that she's the reason of his happiness and his calm soul. She and their little bundle of joy.

He promised himself to make everything right and to make Heaven the happiest woman on earth. She endured a lot of pain and misery because of him. Not that this was enough, but he also took her virginity and got her pregnant at the mere age of seventeen. She was young and naive at that time, but now she has grown into an even more beautiful and strong woman. A woman that would do anything to make her son happy. A woman who would sacrifice her happiness and comfort for him.

He knew she wasn't comfortable living with him under the same roof. He also knew that she only did it for Zachy. No matter how understanding he tried to be, still deep down it hurt him to know that she's not comfortable because of him. "Oh my god!" All of sudden Heaven screamed and jumped from the couch. "What happened?" Killian asked concerned. He too got up from the ground and ran towards Heaven.

"I got the job!" Heaven said clapped her hands excitedly. "What job?" He asked again. "Look!" She put her phone in his face "I applied for this job last week and now I got it!" She said. "It's a job as a legal assistant." She continued happily. As much as she was excited for the news it was clear that Killian didn't feel the same. He seemed rather mad, which totally confused Heaven.

"You don't need a job, Heaven!" He finally declared. Heaven looked at him as if he grew two heads. What does he mean with she doesn't need a job? How will she be able to provide for herself and Zachy if she hasn't got a job? "Of course I need a job! I need to provide for myself and Zachy." She answered a bit salty by his stupid statement.

"I am going to provide for you and my son! I have fucking enough money for you and him you don't need to work too!" "Fucking" Zachy said making Heaven gasp. "Don't cuss in front of him! Zachy little babies like you don't say bad words like this!" She scolded them.

"Sorry. Now back to where we were. You're not working, Heaven!" He stated. "You can't control me, Killian because last time I checked I'm not your wife nor your girlfriend and even of I was, you don't have the right to tell me what to do and what not to! Let's go Zachy you have to take a bath, baby!" With that said she grabbed her phone and went out of the living room, leaving Killian astonished by the facts she just threw at him.

When did she get so feisty and independent? He asked himself. It was hard for him to get used to how much she has changed in those more than two years they were apart. She was not afraid to talk back anymore and certainly not afraid to say what she feels and do what she thinks is right.

No matter how much he missed the shy and naive Heaven, he liked her feisty side, but it reminded him of the reasons why she had to get this way. And one of those reasons was him.


End of chapter 13.

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