Chapter 15

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-Karkat P.O.V-

You head to the balcony Kankri stormed off to, you guess you couldn't handle being with people you barely know for more than a few minutes. He's reading some book, it doesn't look like anything you've ever seen before. He looks up at you.

"Hello Karkat. I presume you want to talk?" You nod and sit beside him.

"What are you reading?" 

"It's a book about dark magic." He seems calm when talking about a book that can open a portal to the underworld, you've never been there yourself, but you've heard about it, what you've heard scares you.

"Why do you have that?!" You're a little panicked, is he into this shit?

"I'm looking at it for research. I'm also making sure a certain demon doesn't get his hands on it." All those times he came late, was he helping the Lalondes? Dealing with this demon? Why does your brother never tell you anything?

"Aw, come on. I'm not that bad." You hear a voice behind you, Kankri seems annoyed by it, you look behind you and you think your heart just stopped, it's that demon that attacked your school. You quickly hide behind your brother, it's not the bravest thing to do right now but you don't care.

"Don't have anything better to do than harass my family, Derek?" Derek chuckles, he looks a lot like Dirk, it kinda scares you how similar they look. "Fuck off."

"There's my little ray of sunshine." Kankri growls at him. "Is the answer still no? I really need that smart little brain of yours."

"Fuck. Off." Kankri repeats.

"I was hoping it would come to this." Derek goes down to the ground, and comes back with someone that's badly beaten and bloody, it takes a moment to recognize them. "Let's make a trade."

"Is that Cronus?" Kankri sighs and gives a small nod, then hands you the book.

"Is this for the book or for me?" Derek smirks.

"Why not both?" You growl, you aren't going to let this lunatic have your brother.

"I think I've humored you long enough." Kankri stabs his arm and gets Cronus onto the balcony. "Leave, Derek." Derek growls and hear someone burst through the door.

"Fuck, Dirk!" You hear Dave yells as Dirk trips over Cronus, you now realize the number of idiots you surround yourself with. Dave runs out onto the balcony, everyone else soon follows. Derek leaves and you're all just left there. Dirk's still freaking out like a wild animal, Dave looks traumatized, Rose looks like she's going to kill someone, Roxy looks like she's going to cry, and you're convinced everyone in their family needs serious help.

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