Astrid woke up screaming.

     She felt disorientated and sick, but then she realised it was all just a dream. It was all just a terrible dream.

     Except it wasn't.

     Six months earlier, Astrid and her family had been in a car crash.

     Her sister Shelley and her mother had died at the scene. Shelley had been impaled by a car door whilst her mother died in the car explosion.

     Her father and brothers had been found alive, just like her, but they weren't as lucky as her. Astrid's father died on the way to Hospital, however her brothers made it to hospital. Zachary eventually died in surgery almost three weeks after the accident but little Casper was a real fighter. He survived longer than the rest, well, except for Astrid; but two nights ago Astrid had gotten a call in the middle of night to say that Casper had passed away in his sleep of unknown causes.

     Now, Astrid had no one.

     Astrid wandered down the stairs of her foster home and glanced out of the window located mid-way down the stairs to watch the sun rise slowly across the peaking hills. She always loved this spot, and often thought about how she ever lived without it. The sun had often fascinated her, especially since her family started to be killed off. She wondered if there was more mystery behind it than people realised and they just used science to cover up what was really going on.

     No, Astrid thought to herself. It's all lies It's always lies.

      Astrid wandered towards the kitchen of the Miller household and helped herself to some Diet Coke and chocolate cake, despite the fact it had clearly been made off limits to her.

      The kitchen felt dark and gloomy in the morning light, and shadows danced in the corners of her eyes, mocking her. She could tell they were taunting her.

      The last Reilly left, the said. Little Astrid Reilly, the last Reilly left.

     Astrid screamed as she threw her plate at the shadows, relishing the sound as it smashed against the wall, leaving a dark stain of chocolate cake on the pristine white wall. 

     She through her head in her arms and pulled her face into some weird and unusual positions as an obvious sign of boredom and stress. She glanced around, looking for something to do, but she came across something worse. In the corner of the room next to the refrigerator, a picture of three very happy smiling faces ate at Astrid's mental state.

     The picture was of her foster parents, Lillian and Justin, along with her foster brother, Michael. They all had the same off-brown hair colour that seemed to resemble some sort of straw and they were slightly overweight for their age, but Astrid kind of liked that because there was always something to eat and take advantage of. The picture looked like it was taken in a jungle in the middle of nowhere, and the all looked overly exhausted, but they seemed proud and happy. Astrid missed that feeling. Proud and happy, and just belonging somewhere. Nothing could go wrong because you were together and you have each other. But she had no one. So what was she to do?


     Astrid slumped in the chair and ignored the tapping at the door. She was off in her own reality again.


     ''Alright, alright, I'm coming!'' I said, frustrated.

     When she answered the door, she was greeted by the cheery, smiling face of her Care Worker, Gillian. She had vivid blonde hair which hurt Astrid's eyes during the early hours of the morning, and eyes which often decided to alternate between green and blue. She wasn't generally a very happy person, yet when she'd accomplished something, she could't be more proud of herself.

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