Toothless + Aires

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I was at the breeding grounds on a hill watching over the dragons. When I was walking the next thing I knew I went tumbling down the hill. As I got up I saw another shape besides me.
"I'm so sorry, I was just playing with the babies." as I looked up I saw another nightfury.
She stuttered
"You're... you're a nightfury??"
I gaped with the same expression.
At the same time we said
"I thought I was the only one!!"

Wait? what am I doing toothless?

"My names toothless.
"My names aires. "
She continued.
"Every year I come hear to watch over the little ones. "

She said nodding to the little ones.
"I'm now the alpha of this pride. "
I replied.
She stopped. "Wow. "
We just walked and talked the rest of the night. Me also watching over the youngsters. That night I curled up, near her on the mountain. Wait until hiccup finds out. I smiled. And laid my head down to go to sleep.

Hope u enjoy chapter 1.

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