chapter 9

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Rosie pov:-

As the guards informed about the human king and queen arrival, my husband went to welcome them leaving me to rest as I was still week to move around but I argued with him to let me come with him but it was futile. I wanted to be there, to know about my parents and to know how are they, its been a week since I was married to my husband, since I left my kingdom. I wanted to make sure that my parents are healthy and happy. I was their only daughter, it was my duty to take care of them, I mentally made a note to ask my husband about my parents when he comes back after the meeting.

I slowly got down from the bed and made my way towards the window, from the window we can see the garden and endless forest after that.
The garden was huge and beautiful, in the center you can see a small clearing where a big swing which may fit five peoples was placed and some tables which held vases with fresh flowers. Just by seeing it I wanted to go out there and relax in that swing.

The opening of the door made me turn around to look at the door, few maids entered the room and gasped when they saw me standing near the window and quickly bowed.

"Forgive us, luna for not knocking the door, we thought you were asleep, forgive our mistake , luna", the one that came inside first choked out.

"No no its fine, please rise", I told with a smile, seeing my smile they sighed in relief. They were six maids they looked younger but I could bet they weren't, rumors in the village said that werewolves aged slower in comparison to humans, and they lived till eternity.

"Luna, your bath is ready", the same maid said again, I nodded at them and made my way towards the bathing chambers, two of them came behind me and others stayed behind to clean the room.

After an hour I was done bathing and now I was wearing a Violet colour dress which was plain and simple yet held elegance. All the maids were kind and patient with me.

"What is your names", I asked them as the one who entered the room first was combing my long Dark brown hair.

"My name is miya, and thats my twin  siya and thats Sheila and raina we are your personal maids, and the other two left before were for cleaning purpose", miya said excitedly, I laughed at her excitement.

"Are you four sisters", I asked confused because they four held the similarities, they had same light blue eyes and blonde hair.

"Yes, luna we are sisters by blood", raina said, I patted my back with a triumph smile on my face, seeing that they bursted out in laughter, later I joined with them, laughing with them I remembered the times with the soliders, how they made funny jokes and made me laugh to lighten my mood, I didn't see any of them after that they not even on the ceremony day.

"Luna, luna", miya called out to me shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Are you okay, luna. Do you want something", miya asked with concern and worry in her face.

"No, its just I never truly had any friends back in the village, it felt good to laugh with you people", I told them with a sad smile on my face as I thought about how envy I was to see girls my age to laugh and giggle at things, they never invited me to their group because I came from a very poor family, they never talked to me or smiled at me. After sometime I stopped going to the village and stayed mostly in my house or near the river.

"You can always count on us, luna, we are not in a position to be your friend but you can trust us", siya said with a smile and came up to me.

"Shoo, who needs a friend when you have the almighty Alpha with you who keeps you busy all the time", they all giggled at my blushing face.

"Oh look at the new blushing bride", I swatted miya's hand playfully and hid my face with both my hands, they giggled loudly.

"Stop it, stop teasing me", I laughed at their panicking face.

"I'm joking", they sighed in relief

"Your very different from all other ladies, luna", Sheila said thoughtfully.

"Because I was one of you all before I married my husband", maybe I was poorer than them.

After sometimes they served my lunch, we talked for sometime and they left me to rest.


I woke up after a nap to see it was already evening and the sun was setting, the reddish orange glow was calming and soothing at the same time, I watched as the sun settled fully and moon rise. The sound of someone shouting broke bought me back. I walked towards the door and opened it, the guards who usually stand at the door were not present, I made my way towards the place where the sound was coming from.

"Please, I want to see my daughter, please please, show mercy on us", I gasped at the scene before me, my mother was on her knees and my father was restrained by two of the guards, both were sobbing and begging before my husband, a tear escaped my eyes as I looked at my parents begging to see me.

"Mother", I shouted her name and ran towards her but before I could a firm hand held me by my waist stopping me from reaching her, with blurred vision I turned to see the person who stopped me, to find my husband holding me stopping me from reaching them. I struggled in his arms to get free but it made him to tightened his hold much stronger. I kicked and trashed but it was futile. I saw my parents were also sobbing and trying to get free from the guards but they couldn't.

"Mother, father", I screamed louder seeing the guards who now was dragging my parents out, I sobbed loudly when they pushed my parents with force. I fell on my knees feeling helpless seeing my parents get abused. With a loud cry I broke free from the arms around me and ran towards my parents who were on the floor but before I could reach them I was again caught by the same hands who dragged me away from them.


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