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Maisie's pov

So Me and Carl have been excluded for two days due to the fight and me because I 'caused it'.

It was now Thursday and I was back in school, lessons were dragging and I just wanted the day to be over.

{skip school because it's dead}

Me and Debbie were talking at my locker about the art homework when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me tight.

"Carl, what's are you doing?" I asked.
"Carl?" I heard but when I turned around it was Owen.
"Oh sorry. Carl keeps scaring me when I'm not aware" I say innocently trying to cover up my mistake.
"So you still coming to that football game tonight, starring the one and only?" he asked pointing at himself, ew how cocky.

"Yes I am you still picking me up at 7?"
"Sure. I'll see you in abit"
He kissed my cheek but I couldn't help but feel guilty, I told Carl I wouldn't go.


I was now dressed and ready for the game. I dressed cozily because I didn't want to be uncomfortable and cold.

I heard a beep from outside and me and Debbie got into the car

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I heard a beep from outside and me and Debbie got into the car.

"Hi you look gorgeous as always" Owen said as I sat in the passenger and he kissed below my ear, it didn't feel as good as Carl though.

We just listened to some music and made basic conversation before we got to school.

The lights lit up the field and I could hear chanting from miles back, I've never been to one of these.

Owen ran onto the pitch and started warming up. Tonight is gonna be fun.

Carl's pov

"Yo where's Mais and debs?" I asked walking to the fridge for a beer.
"They said they were going to a football game, left about 15 minutes ago" Mickey responded.

Ugh I don't want her around him, I know it sounds selfish but I know what he's done to girls in the past because we were best mates. And it isn't pretty.

I ran outside with jimmy/Steve's keys and speeded towards the school.
As I got there the game was nearly half way through.

My eyes locked with Debbie but mouthed to her not to tell M.
After half way the team were making their way back towards the field but Owen ran up the steps right in front of Maisie.

Maisie's pov

The game was 4:2 and was fun watching Owen play. Debbie's eyes kept wondering off but I guess she just wasn't into football.

The team made their way back onto the pitch when Owen ran up the bleachers to stand right in front of me.

"Owen what are you doing?"
"This!" Was all he said until our lips crashed together and I kissed back. But I didn't feel anything unlike with Carl.

He pulled away and everyone cheered and clapped as he stepped back down. My face grew red with embarrassment and watched him slowly as my eyes connected with Carl's and he slowly shook his head and walked away.

I ran down the bleachers and followed him from afar.
"Carl what are you doing here?"
"I told you I didn't want you to come tonight"
"M, me and Owen used to be friends but he uses people I don't want him doing that to you" he said as he got into jimmys car.

I opened the passenger door and climbed in also.
He looked sad and angry at the same time.
" why did you kiss him M?"
His eyes glossy, was he going to cry over me?
"I didn't really know it was happening, it was so dull, and boring! Trust me nothing on yours" I said knowing that will make him feel better.

"And I bet you have a bigger dick" I said again licking the inside of my cheek and he burst out laughing. I climbed onto his lap straddling him. His hands on my waist as per usual and mine around his neck playing with his hair.

"How bout I make it up to daddy?" I said in a low voice. Feeling him tense below me. I kissed at his jawline and down to his collar bone as he pushed the car seat back.

I knelt down on the floor of the car and slowly unbuckled his trousers, jimmy had black out windows so no one could see in.
I bit my lip as I pulled down his boxers showing his length.

"Damn daddy! Over me?" I said again as he grunted in frustration.
"Please baby, no teasing"
I took his length into my hands and started pumping him slowly kissing his tip.

His hands were now in my hair.
Without warning I put him all in my mouth and bobbed my head slowly.

"Ugh fuck, Mais!" He moaned.
I carried on sucking, and looked up making instant eye contact as he threw his head back groaning again. His hands placed on the back of my head pushing me down further, I chocked a little earning another moan. And felt him twitch.

"Babygirl im gonna cum" he moaned once again
"Go for it daddy" I said back with an instant reply of him releasing, I swallowed quickly as he buckled back up.

I sat back on his lap, his face in complete shock.
"Princess, you are amazing!" He shakes before bringing me into a deep kiss.

After a few seconds my phone went off showing a message from Debbie.

So you run off with Carl and don't return wonder what you're doing🤔🤫But seriously Owens looking for you and I need a ride home.
I sent a reply telling her I was in jimmys car and that I'd meet her at the field.

I told Carl but he was still zoned out from the head I gave him.

I walked over to the field looking for debs and saw her talking with Owen.

"Where did you go? You missed the end of the game where I scored the winning shot" he showed off.
"Sorry I needed to use the bathroom"
"For 45 minutes and you just got out a car?" He looks at me confused.
"Yeh I got lost, then I saw Carl and told him we didn't need picking up for another 20 minutes but I got carried away talking to him, sorry again" I blabbered on.

He just nodded, kissed my cheek and walked into the changing rooms.

Me and Debbie got into the car.

"Ew whys it so hot in here? And smell funny?" I bit my lip to stop me from laughing.
"I don't know debs it is jimmy/Steve's car. God knows what him and Fi do in here" Carl says while he rests his hand on my thigh.

Little did she know🤫


Hope you're enjoying.❤️

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