part 1

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A/n: O my gosh this is horrible I mean HORRIBLE!! So imma edit this part okay.........

Sakura's POV

Where am I??

Wh-what day it is?

Who is that voice?

I am confu-

Are you confused young mortal?

Do you want answers?

'Obviously like I just remember a light like am I dead?
......Did I choke on my own spit when I am sleeping? Because that is something that author can do....

Author young one? I am so sorry but who is author? Well you didn't die on your spit that is stupid but you can ask me some question so you can be enlightened.

Umm who are you? And where are you? What do you look like? And why did your voice sounded loke you're a million kilometers away?

Easy young one well.........

The voice turned into an angelic like voice in a matter of second and the most beautiful girl I could ever seen emerged fron no where

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