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hey everyone this is my brooklyn beckham fanfic and i'm super excited to write this, because brooklyn beckham is perfection. the title is inspired by the song 'keep me crazy' by chris wallace because i love that song  ((it's on the side, go listen to it))

i really hope you guys will enjoy this, because there's not many brooklyn fanfics and a lot aren't very great and are just unrealistic or poorly written (but don't get me wrong some are fab and give me feels).  

so i decided to write one and make it as realistic and non-cliche as possible, with realistic characters, and realistic events. i'll try my best to write this with appropriate grammar, punctuation , etc.

this is my story, and my idea. if it's similar to anyone else's it's purely coincidental. please don't copy this and say it's yours, that's just not cool lol 

feel free to vote, comment, follow, etc. thanks!


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