Baby names

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I'll have a Japanese Name and/ or American name, choose which you prefer

Leon- a beautiful baby girl with his red hair and your eyes

Japanese- Chiyoko Fuwata
American- Beth Fuwata

Mondo- "shockingly" has black hair and violet eyes, looking like who he's named after

Japanese- Oowada Daiya

Naegi- he inherited your looks but Naegi's curiousness

American- Jack Mikoto

Togami- looks dead ass like a female Togami, cries a lot and is already a gourmet

Japanese- Kotori Byukuya
American- Elizabeth Byukuya

Komaeda- rarely cries and has her fathers wild hair and your eyes

American- surprise surprise its Hope

Chihiro- she's a bit on the small side and has chihiros eyes and your hair

Japanese- Yuki Fujisaki
American- Natalie Fujisaki

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