chapter fourteen ; broken promise

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january. 2010

Finn was awaken by the noise of his landline telephone buzzing. He groaned and climbed off the couch. He stretched his arms out as he walked over to the telephone. His vision was still quite groggy, as he wasn't completely awake yet. He'd spent most of the night thinking about his new job and he didn't get much sleep.

He picked up the phone and answered the call. "Hello?" He said with a rather large yawn.

"I'm ruined dude... I-I... I did heroin with my boyfriend. There's no way in hell I can pass the drug test! I'm gonna get fired for sure." Millie exclaimed as she paced back and forth. She was in the living room freaking out while Romeo was still passed out in the bedroom. She still wasn't exactly sure as to why he came back, although she was glad that he did come back to her.

It took Finn a moment to process what she was telling him. He rubbed his forehead and sighed. "You did heroin... With your boyfriend..."

"How damn stupid are you? When you fail that drug test, Dom will never let you come back to work. What in the world were you thinking? You're my partner Millie and your shitty decision effects both of us." The boy ranted. He was half furious and half heartbroken.

He was angry because she did drugs even though she obviously wasn't supposed to. Dom didn't want any addicts working for him. It was crystal clear that if she didn't pass the drug test she would no longer be working for Dom. Even though Millie didn't help very much, she was a large asset to Finn. Her support truly helped him.

He was sad because she already had a new boyfriend. He was kind of hoping that he'd be able to show her how he feels before she got into the dating game again. Furthermore, he was surprised that she got a new guy so close to the death of Jacob. He assumed that the Sartorious incident would scar Millie.

"I'm so sorry Finn... We just got carried away and I-"

"No Millie." He retorted, cutting her off.

"You will not drag me down with you. If you want to get wasted with some boy, that's fine. I simply don't want anything to do with any of that. You were going to be a millionaire but you threw all of that away. You threw away $3,000,000. Just remember that while you're living like a stupid party animal, I'll be living like a king."

And with that, Finn hung up the phone. Millie shrieked and flopped down onto the couch. She regretted her decision, however it was done. She obviously couldn't take it back.

One bad decision had wrecked everything for her.


Millie watched silently as Finn walked into the lab. On the other hand, she was following Dom down a hallway. It'd been a day since she took the drug test and they were about to receive the results, although Millie already knew that she didn't pass.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't our little addict." An older man with black glasses, grey hair, and a scruffy beard muttered when Millie entered the room. Dom crossed his arms and Millie felt her heart start to beat rapidly.

"She failed the test, Dom." The oldest one in the room stated. Dom took a very deep breath and then exhaled. He wasn't surprised by the results but he was disappointed in the girl.

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