In Dire Straits

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"Ultungbultung meosjin mommaee"

Jin is taking a time off from attending client meetings. He still is not used to this routine. It has just been 2 months since he accepted his father's offer (more of a forced offer) to take over handling their company.

His phone continues to alarm – "Naneunya juseudoelkkeoya (kkulkkeog!)"

He has to stand up to get it from where he left it last night. He went to his desk full of documents he has to read and grabbed his phone. He turned the alarm off and decided to text Taehyung.


Cover for me today on the meeting with Mr. Sejin,

I'm taking a week off.

Not a minute passed when he got a reply


You know Mr. Sejin! He is very strict!

But I'll do my best. I know how this

new work is tiring you. 

You owe me!

He went back to his bed to rest.

Jin tried to sleep again but he cannot. All he does is daydream. He remembered the time he spent teaching. Jin is a musical theatre teacher. Atleast he was before.  He misses spending 60 hours in a week leading vocal exercises and teaching songs. He remembers the days when he spent sleepless nights preparing with his co-teachers for annual productions. Most importantly, he longs the feeling of happiness watching his students perform during end of term evaluations.


If not of his brother refusing to take over their company to pursue on his medical career and his father ecstatic about his brother's success, Jin will not be the new CEO of Kim Beach Hotels Corporation.

It was last June when he received a surprised visit from his father.  His condo was full of the props to be used on one of the sets for a play his students will do the next day. He was cutting a red heart shape prop when he heard light knocks. He peeked on the peephole and opened the door after recognizing the head of the Kim family.


"Seokjin, can we talk about something?"

Jin opened his door wide and let his dad come inside.

"Abuji, sorry it's a little messy here."

"It's okay, son. This will not take too long."

That day, he had never imagined it was the last time he will be preparing props for a stage play.

His last day in the university was filled with goodbyes and tears from his students and co-teachers. Sincerity and some feelings of regrets circulated the whole Theatre Department room.  He must have been really a good teacher then. He belongs here but has to leave.

This is in contrary to the day he was announced as the new CEO. He could have been blinded with the camera flashes, there were a lot of questions from the media and he smells jealousy from the other chairmen of his dad's company. 

He fell asleep just thinking about this.

"Hyung! Seokjin Hyung!"

There is a loud knock on his door.

"Who's banging my door at this morning?'

He stared at his Super Mario wall clock.


1:00 PM.



"Hyung open up!"

"Geez wait!"

His door creaked open and Taehyung stormed inside his condo.

"Jin Hyung we have a problem"

"Mr. Sejin wasn't happy about you missing the meeting. He said it seems like Kim Beach Hotels doesn't want the partnership for this new beach  hotel we will be putting up in USVI."

Taehyung continues...

"We didn't get to proceed on the meeting. Sejin hyung left the room."

Jin's head is aching. He is getting problematic by every words Taehyung  is saying.

"Hyung! Snap it out!"

"I am in dire straits."

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