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@HarryStyles: My hands grip on the chair and my curls turns to kinks. My eyes cloud with water and my back hurts of crouching down. She comes up to me and says. "there's no point in crying. whats gone is gone. its like a marker that never rubs of the carpet" my heart beats wildly against my chest and my lips tuck back. was she so true?


@Selenahh: his just trying to get her back -_-

@rileypiley: he did a mistake. and he is trying to rub it off. but it doesn't go off. bad luck harry.

@GemmaStyles: stop being sad harry.

@AnneTwist: i still love you.

@harrysfans: he needs to stop being like this and go get her heart back before she finds someone already.

@HarryStylesss: ^ trust me. he'll find someone who doesn't break his heart again 


this is honesty so sad. i was just watching some video's from Harry's fans in YouTube and seriously i never knew harry was so dirty :p 

watch the clip on top and tell me what you think. 8_8


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