Chapter Nine-"Are you going to be my sister now?"

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Chapter Nine-"Are you going to be my sister now?"

Jeffery Andrews was my mother’s boyfriend. She shocked me by the fact that she actually wanted me to meet him and on top of that, she wanted me to meet his kid. Firstly, I really wasn’t expecting Jeff to be rich, well not overly so, which is why my jaw dropped when we reached his house. The place wasn’t exactly small and it definitely wasn’t quaint. Two storeys tall and taking almost three blocks on the street, Jeff’s house was huge.

It was styled in those modern yet cosy home designs and screamed wealth with just one glance. Mum, shockingly enough didn’t seem all that taken by the house which could mean either she had visited Jeff at his house tons of times before or that she was used to rich houses. And since I lived with her and knew that our house wasn’t exactly a sight to see, I was opting for the former.

“Now Viv,” mum began, “I would like you to get to know Jeff and Holly today.”

I nodded. You can do this Viv, you’re a smoking hot geek and chatting to a wealthy businessman and his daughter who’s probably going to kick you and feed you poisoned tea and cakes is going to be easy. Super easy and super fun, really fun! No more than that, it was going to be amazing, great and wonderful all rolled into a bowl of cherries with a dash of chocolate and maybe some vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is good, even if the last time you had some was when you cried yourself to watching the Titanic because Matt made you look like an idiot-

“Viv?” my mother snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Huh?” I replied dumbly.

“I said Jeff’s waiting for us,” my mother replied giving me a concerned look.

Oh great Viv, way to go! Now your mother thinks you’re crazy.

Hopping out of my mother’s beat up blue family car, we made our way to Jeff’s doorstep. The door was dark and wooden with a golden knocker on the front shaped as a dog. I stared at it for a while, contemplating whether or not it was a warning to turn and run away, when the door swung open after my mother rang the doorbell for a few times which revealed Jeff, wearing simple denim jeans and a white button up shirt.

“Katherine,” he greeted warmly, then turned to me with a smile, “and Vivienne.”

I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips as I greeted him return, “Mr Andrews.”

“Please, call me Jeff,” he replied, opening the door wider so we could step in.

The house seemed all the more luxurious inside than it did from outside. Large paintings of places from around the world were displayed on the warm, beige walls. A huge chandelier hung from the centre of the ceiling, shimmering with each crystal that was reflected by the sun’s rays. A large staircase that spiralled upwards was placed to the far left of the hall and a room which revealed to be a kitchen from the pots and pans being clanged.

“Daddy!” a little girl, who looked to be around four or five, came bounding towards Jeff.

I had to admit she was the cutest thing to have ever looked at. Two dark pigtails tied up with pink ribbons and a bright white sundress along with tiny pink sandals which would make Barbie turn in her grave. What made her ever cuter was the splash of something red, smeared across her forehead. Maybe ketchup or maybe it could have been red sharpie? Her green eyes widened slightly when they fell onto me before she smiled shyly. For the second time in less than five minutes, I felt my lips curving up into a smile.

“Katherine, you’ve already met Holly,” Jeff spoke, before glancing at me, “Vivienne, this is my precious daughter Holly.”

I smiled, “Hi Holly, it’s nice to meet you.”

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