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"What do you mean I'm getting married?"
"I'm only 16 for gods sake."
"I don't even know the the man I'm supposedly marrying, why would you do this to me?"

I couldn't believe what my parents were telling me. The day I was born they arranged marriage with another wealthy family. The purpose behind it was for both myself and the young man to be set for life financially. How can you allow your teenage daughter to get married at such a young age? I was more than taken back by the news. My parents, on the other hand, didn't seem to care about my concerns.

"Trust me Kai, this is what's best for you," My mom spoke up.
"How is making me marry a random stranger what's best for me?" I asked crazily.
"You won't ever need to worry about anything after this, your future is already planned. Now stop whining and let's meet your soon to be groom," My dad smiled.


"You can't force me to get married, I'm too young to be tied down," I told my parents getting mad.

I have two older brothers, and instead of arranging marriage for them, I was the chosen one. I didn't even know the girl I was supposedly marrying. What if she's annoying and a brat? Most of the rich girls I've met were spoiled and boujee.

"I don't want to hear anything Melo. We are going to a dinner with the girl and her family right now and you better be on your best behavior," My dad shouted.

All I did was shake my head. I didn't have the energy to go against my parents.


We pulled up to this fancy restaurant in Chino Hills. I didn't wear anything special in particular. I wasn't planning to impress this young man anyway.

As we entered the facility I noticed three young men sitting with their family. Maybe this was the family I was getting into. I walked behind my parents as they made their way to the table. I was exactly right about the family, but the question was, which one was I marrying?

"Good evening Mr and Mrs Ball, how great it is to see each other again," My mother said.
"Good evening to you guys as well, it's more than wonderful to see you guys again. Please sit," The woman spoke.

My parents and I sat, but I kept getting uncomfortable gazes.

"This is our daughter Mekai Simmons, Mekai this is the Ball family," My dad introduced.

I simply gave them a smile and remained quiet.

"Well my name is Lavar and this is my wife Tina. These three boys you see here are my sons Lonzo, Liangelo and Lamelo. You probably know them already," Lavar stated.

I shook my head and sat back. I did see these boys on social media, and being a huge basketball fan, I've seen their games.

"There's no need to be shy, we'll all going to be family in no time," My mom grinned.
"Yes, definitely. Now let's get on to business," Tina laughed.
"As you guys may already know, the reason we are here is for the marriage of Mekai and Lamelo," Lavar declared.
"You see when you guys were born we thought it would be a good idea for the both of you to be married and secured financially. The time has finally come on the legal documents, so this wedding must be as soon as possible," My dad said.

Both Lamelo and I looked at each other puzzled. We've never seen each other in our entire lives, now we are forced into getting married.

"So Mekai and Lamelo you both may be excused to get to know each other. Please get along well, you guys have some long times ahead," Tina laughed.

I looked up to my mom with pleading eyes for me not to go, but she didn't budge. She gave me a warning with her eyes which caused me to get up quickly. Lamelo did the same and we quietly went to the area to the back. We found a quiet area and sat down. A minute passed and we both didn't budge to talk.

"Why you gotta be so Boujee?"

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