Twenty-One: One Week Old

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"What does the word mean?" Scott yawned.
Stiles snorts "My brain hurts to think too much."
"I never thought a baby could be this stressful." Scott rubs his eyes. "No sleep is happening in the McCall house." Scott continued.

As on cue, static erupted through the baby monitor.
Scott groaned.
"Hey, I got baby girl. You try to get some sleep." Stiles offers.
"Thanks babe." Scott whispered.
Stiles gets out of the bed, kisses Scott's cheek, and turns to walk out of their bedroom.

It was silent on the monitor, until Scott hears Stiles "Hi, baby. What is wrong?" 

Scott smiles to himself as he rolled himself into a blanket burrito.

Finally, sleep.

Scott woke to Stiles spooning him.
"When did you get in?"
"Twenty minutes."
"Sloane is asleep?" Scott whispered.

Sloane's cry eminent comes from the baby monitor.
Stiles scooted away from Scott, but he stopped him "You sleep Stiles. I need cuddle time with Sloane anyways."
"You sure?"

Scott rolled out of bed.

His feet padding to Sloane's nursery.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong huh?"
Scott turned on the nightstand lamp, then peered over the wooden crib.
"You are not happy. Hey, hey."

Scott picked Sloane up, bringing her close to his chest "You need a change? Is that why you are crying?"

Setting down Sloane, Scott quickly changes his daughter. Even with a week, Scott now considers himself a master diaper changer.

"All done!" Scott cooed, picking up Sloane again.

"Ooh, what a yawn." Scott whispered. "Do you want to rock baby?"
Scott positions himself into the rocking chair, and then positioning Sloane on his chest, her chin against his shoulder. His hand rubs her back.

Stiles wakes to an empty bed.

He padded to Sloane's nursery.

Scott sat in the rocking chair with Sloane in her crib, both sleeping.
"My babies are tired." Stiles cooed.

"St-stiles?" Scott yawns, looking over. "What time is it?"
"Sloane has been sleeping for almost three hours now." Scott comments.

"Not anymore." Stiles replied, walking to the crib.
Sloane greeted her dads with a shrill.
"Good morning Sloane." Stiles picks her up "How did you sleep?"

Stiles carried Sloane to her changing table, and laid her down. Sloane began whimpering.
"Hey, hey. You are okay Sloane. This is a necessary evil baby." Stiles coos, patting her bare tummy.

"Here, let me try."
Scott walks over, and Sloane silences.
"Her favorite." Winked Scott.
Stiles rolls his eyes "Sure, sure. Can you help me get Sloane dressed?"

Scott carries Sloane downstairs, the two meeting in the kitchen.
"Huh there's dad." Scott gasps.

Stiles points at the bottle "You wanna feed her?"
"Sure." Scott takes the bottle, and tests the formula on his wrist.
"Breakfast." Scott sang.
Sloane's eyes brighten up.

Sitting down at the table, Scott begins to feed Sloane.

Sloane eats four grams.
"Hungry baby." Scott cooed, patting on her tummy.
Sloane burps "Good job! Are you still hungry?"
"Stop feeding her. She will be a Rollie Pollie Scotty."
"Not ever. And besides chubby babies are the best Stiles." Scott defended.
Stiles sets down Scott's plate "Chubby babies are the best."
"Especially ours."

Scott ate with Sloane in his arms.
"How can you do that? That looks uncomfortable Scotty." Stiles says.
Scott shrugged "It makes me know that she is safe."
Stiles kisses Scott's cheek "Daddy mode has activated."
"Of course it has." Scott swallows his eggs "Look at our princess."

By eleven, Sloane was back asleep.
Scott sits on the couch, next to Stiles.
Stiles puts his head on Scott's shoulder "This baby is going to kill us."
Scott snorted "Let's get sleep then. That is all I want."

Fifteen til noon, Sloane woke.
"Wow." Stiles yawns "Forty-five minutes."
"Let's go see Sloane." Scott cheered.

Stiles, this time, greets his daughter.
Sloane rubs her eyes "Still tired?" Stiles coos.
"I think she is." Scott agreed.
"How about we put you back in your crib, yeah?" Stiles offered.
With ease, Stiles replaces Sloane into her crib.

Sloane screamed.
Stiles plucked her out from her crib, and bringing her to his chest "Shh..shh.. Sloane."
Sloane's screamed grew louder.
Stiles rocked her in his arms "Hey, baby. Baby girl." He rocks.
Sloane continues to scream.
"Please help me Scotty!" Stiles worried.
"Pass her over."
Stiles passed Sloane to Scott.
"Hey, missy." Scott cooed, now rocking Sloane too.

Sloane rubs her eyes.
"She refuses to sleep." Scott whined.
"What do we do?" Stiles asks.
"Let her cry if out, I guess." Scott recommended.

Still in Scott's arms, she was being rocked.
"Shh." Scott murmurs.
Sloane's eyes begin to droop.
"Shh." Scott cooed.

Sloane closed her eyes.

Scott releases the breath that he was holding.

"Sloane's asleep?" Stiles whispers.
Scott nodded, afraid to say anything, Sloans might wake up.
Scott exhaled.

Stiles looks at the clock.
"Three hours."
"That is how long Sloane cried for. Three hours Scotty."
"She has some lungs. I have never heard a baby cry like that before."
Scott laughs "And to think we wanted a baby."
"What were we thinking!"
"We were thinking about this beautiful little girl that we love." Scott replied.
"We did."

By seven, Sloane had a tummy full of milk, and was coddled into Stiles chest.
Her pacifier in her mouth.
"How about we try to lay her down?" Scott asks.
Stiles nodded.

At a slow pace, Stiles laid down Sloane.

Both men held their breaths, waiting for Sloane to wake.

Both smiled when Sloane continued to sleep.

"Goodnight baby girl." Stiles whispered.
"Night Sloane." Scott says.

Scott and Stiles laid in bed. Both exhausted.
"Week one done."
"We did good this week Scotty. For not knowing what we were doing most of the time."
"Part of the parenting fun."
"When does the fun begin? I miss fun."
Scott huffs a laughter "Soon enough. Now come on, let's get sleep. Sloane will be awake before we both know it."
"Mmh." Stiles cuddles up next to Scott, and both fall asleep.

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