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Taylor's pov;

We finished eating; I got up and threw our trash away and went back to the table. "You ready baby, I asked "yeah, Tracy said; I shook my head okay as I grabbed our bags and headed out behind Tracy. We walked out to the parking lot and down to the car "babe keys in my pocket, I said "okay, Tracy said; she reached into my pocket and took the keys out unlocking the doors. I put one of the bags down and opened up the back door placing the bags inside; I grabbed the other off the ground and sat it next to the others. I closed the door and got in the drivers seat; I started up the car as I looked over at Tracy. She finally caught me starring at her "what you looking at, Tracy giggled "the most beautiful girl ever, I smiled "aww baby, Tracy said. I leaned over to her pecking her cheek; I looked behind me as I backed out the space. I've made it out the spot and sped out the parking lot

I pulled into Tracy's driveway turning off the car; I looked over to see Tracy sleeping so peacefully. I smiled as how adorable she was; I got out the car grabbing the bags and keys. I walked up the steps onto her porch inserting the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door; I pushed the door with me foot as I walked in placing the bags on the couch. I took the keys out the door as I went back to the car for tracy; I went over to the passenger side and opened the door not trying to wake her up. I picked her up bridal style not trying to hit her head on the car; I closed the door with my hip and walked back to the porch going inside the house. I closed the door behind me with my foot as I headed upstairs to Tracy's room; I laid her down and kissed her forehead as I left out. I jogged down the steps to the kitchen; I grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar before leaving out. I walked over to the couch picking up the bags before going upstairs; I heard the door being knocked on as I got close to the steps. I sat the bag down and walked over to the door peeking in the peephole to see jordan; I opened the door and gave her a big hug before speaking "what you doing here, I asked "they released me today I figured you would be here, jordan said "most def but we been switching between places, I said "okay I'll see you when you come home, jordan said "okay sis I love you, I said "love you too, jordan said. She started walking away as I closed the door; I grabbed the bags and finally went upstairs to Tracy's room.

I sat the bags over in the corner as I took off my shoes. I unbuttoned my pants and got into bed with her; she was facing the other way so I decided to wrap my arms around her pulling her closer to me. I smiled as she snored; I love Tracy so much this girl is my life I swear. I felt her moving a little turning over towards me; she wiggles her nose trying not to starch it. She slowly started to flutter eyes open before opening them up all the way; she smiled as she noticed I was laying by her "hey baby, I said "hey, Tracy yawned "sleepy head, I giggled "hush you know car rides make me sleepy, Tracy said "I know baby guess who stopped by, I said "who, Tracy asked "Jordan she's out of rehab finally, I said "that's great baby, Tracy said "I know I'm so happy i get to continue seeing my sister, I said "I know baby, Tracy said "baby you can go back to sleep if you want, I said "you sure baby, Tracy pouted "yeah baby it's fine I'm just gonna go shower and relax, I said "okay baby, Tracy said. She pecked my lips before turning back over drifting off to sleep; I got out of bed and grabbed my towel off Tracy's dresser before heading into the bathroom. I closed the door locking it behind me before I took the rest of my clothes off; I turned on the shower as I stepped in. I closed the shower curtain and took my hair out of it's ponytail; I stood underneath the shower head letting the water hit me and wetting my hair. I sighed out of relief as I washed my hair; it felt so good being happy with no worries. As I finished washing up I heard the floor creaking and footsteps; I turned off the shower and stepped out drying off with my towel. I took the extra towel and wrapped it around my head before leaving out the bathroom; I seen Tracy walking back into the room. I sighed out of relief holding onto my chest "damn girl give me a heart attack why won't you, I said "lol what, Tracy said "I thought somebody was gonna get us, I said "babe stop doing drugs, Tracy laughed "chill, I said "sexy baby, Tracy said. She got back in bed and waited for me to get myself together; I dried off all the way and got next to Tracy in bed naked. She touched my body as I laid there with my head on her chest; she reached her way down to my cat. My body started to tense up as she put two fingers in; she started going in and out which caused me to moan. She looked down at me and seen me enjoying it; I felt her take her fingers out and chuckled "not cool bro, I said "it is, Tracy chuckled. She licked her two fingers and smiled at me

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