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Maisie's pov

I got back home and guess dad and v have gone to work.
I decided on FaceTiming my mom.

After three rings she picks up.

"Hi sweetie, how's it going?"
"Good thanks mom I just thought I'd call, feels like forever since we've spoke"
"I know honey, won't be long now till your back. How's your dad?"
"He's good and V is lovely! Also the Gallaghers"

We spoke about everything minus anything between me and Carl.

"Ok mais, I've got to go don't be afraid to call back anytime"
"Ok mom, love you"
"I love you too"
And she hung up, it felt so good to speak to her again.

I walked into my room and connected to my speaker, blasting 'bounce out with that' and started to undress.
I took off my jumper and saw my now bruised wrists. I got changed into something more comfortable and turned on Netflix.
I decided on watching 'Bridge to Terabithia' because it always gets me in my feels.

After the film has finished I watched a parent trap.
(two of my fave films)
And must have fallen asleep because I woke up at around 3am in my bed.

I couldn't get back to sleep and just got up, I walked into the kitchen grabbed some cereal and put it into a bowl. But when I went to the fridge there was no damn milk.

No shop would be open at this time but I really fancied these lucky charms so I walked over to the Gallaghers. The door is never locked so I just walked in and grabbed the milk from the fridge, I poured some into the bowl and started eating.

"What are you doing here?" I heard from behind me. I turned and saw a tired Carl, this will be awkward.
"Erm I needed milk for my cereal"
"At 3 in the morning"
"Yeah I fell asleep early. Why are you down here?"
"Grabbing some water" he got a glass out the cupboard and started filling the glass from the tap.

I had finished and placed my bowl into the sink.
Carl's eyes grew wide as he turned to me.
"Who the fuck did this?" He asks pointing to my wrist.
"Erm, you? When you pinned me"
"Omg I'm so sorry" he whines holding onto my hands.
"I don't know what got over me?"

"No I'm sorry, I should have told you about Dominique"
"Well at least I'm single now" he hinted to me.

Why wasn't he bothered I thought Dominique was special. His fingers played with my shirt.

"What are you doing?" I asked confused.
"Oh M your so hot" he mumbled.
His nickname for me was cute. But I shouldn't give in this easily.
His hands traveled up my shirt tugging at my bra, and squeezing my boobs lightly.

"Baby girl let me make it up to you" he picked me up and placed my on the bench.
His hands separating my legs as he knelt down in between them.

His hands still holding onto my thighs. Keeping them open, made their way to my panties hooking his fingers onto them and pulling them down.

He kissed the inside of my thighs getting closer towards my area.
His tongue pressed against my slit and massaged my clit with his tongue, I was in heaven.

"Princess you taste so good"

His fingers pumped into me fast as his tongue was making patterns on my clit.
I tugged at his hair as I was coming close. With one swift stroke of his tongue I released onto his fingers, and let out a moan.

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