Beauty in Life

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart. 

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Lucy's P.O.V.

"Wendy is down!" Those words rang in my ear never ending as she was carried away to be treated immediately with her injuries. Natsu saw my look, and lifted my chin and rested forehead against mine.

"Wendy's going to be fine. She's strong and happy for us, meaning we can still smile and fight, just like her." I nodded my head, wiping the single tear on my cheek and standing tall with Natsu. 

"Let's do this!" Natsu said, charging forward towards the Sabertooth team, who took their stance and charged back. 

3rd person view: 

Their battle cries rang, piercing the air as spells were cast. 

Lucy, with her newly repaired whip (courtesy of Virgo of course) grappled on rocks while avoiding the tsunami that was aimed towards her by Aquarius, who scoffed at her attempts. and mildly frustrated, disappeared on her. Big surprise. 

Lucy sighed. ducked and slid under in between Erza's legs to get through. Time seemed to slow down as she whipped out her new trump card. 

"Loke!" She shouted, appearing right below Rogue. A brilliant bright light filled the arena as Rogue didn't have enough time to cover his eyes. Kagura winced, but Sting was the only one standing in the light , withstanding the light. Rogue however, was the unfortunate one. A shattering impact ruined his vision as 2 words were heard.

"Regulus Impact!" A loud punch was heard as the lion appeared along with the brillaint magic circle, effectively getting rid of the shadows Rogue was using for mobility. He grunted in pain, and flew backwards as Kagura flipped midair and caught him, then stood in front of him as a shield.

Erza sped from her right with her flight armor, but Kagura quickly reacted by blocking her sword as they both jumped backwards. They grinned.

"Nice seeing you, sister." 

"Back at you." They charged towards each other once more and a clashing of swords began. It was so fast nobody's eyes could keep up and their swords connected to each other at the tips when they backed off once more. At the same time, Gray fired an ice launcher which Natsu gladly hopped on and rode towards Sting. All were fatally injured, and they all rolled away as it exploded. Sting landed on the floor, coughing, as he rapidly was running out of magic power, as was Kagura and Rogue. Ice lances flew towards Sting as he countered with a dragon's roar, which hit Gray and injured him badly. However, one of the lances hit him square in the arm, and he screamed in pain. However, small little voices were heard from above.



It was Lector and Frosch, who looked down at the battle in terror. Everyone froze in place to look up at the 2  exceeds that were in tears looking at the shape of their beloved friends. Lector sniffed and looked at Yukino, who was being treated, and a girl that resembled her by her side as well. Frosch didn't pay attention to any of this and simply looked at Kagura who was defending Rogue, who was injured as well.

"Roooooogue!" The exceed yelled with tears falling like a waterfall as he tried to go towards him, but missed the steep drop below him and started tumbling, still crying from pain and heartbreak. 


Everyone watched in terror as no one could get to him in time due to their injuries and the far distance. Frosch slid down the cliff, and terrible frightened, rolled in a tight ball and wailed. He finally hit the bottom with a thud, and Rogue's petrified look scarred Kagura. 

She dashed towards the little exceed, but as she reached him a crack was heard and she fell over on her side, clutching her ankle while she reached for Frosch and picked the traumatized crying exceed up, and held it in her arms, crying in pain along with the creature. Silence was heard through the ground, and Natsu walked up behind her as Happy, Carla, and Lily flew right behind him, along with Lector. The exceeds surrounded their kin and looked around. They started to soar through the air, and took in every detail of the wonderful place that was damaged by the battle. Happy flew down to Frosch, and turned the injured exceed to look around.

There was a beautiful waterfall and stream, along with small banks and patches of grass. Some flowers were even growing, but what really hit everyone's heart were the exceeds flying around in seemingly where they naturally felt home. Everyone started helping each other up to look around while Sting breathed out and suddenly felt ashamed of himself.

"Why did we choose to fight like this......" 

Erza smiled at him and offered a hand. 

"We as people would have never found such beauty in ourselves and the areas around us without other people's help. We can only make it so far on our own. Look around for once not for yourself, but with and for your friends. Then we can open our eyes for more." 

Sting had never felt so impacted by words and by a battle of his injured partners. No, not partners, his friends. 

"Perhaps the reason you feel so ashamed and horrible is because you've stopped looking out for yourself and looked at your friends and the impact of something that isn't your fault. It shows you now care for them more than ever." Erza helped him up and then stepped out of his way to see the Fairy Tail team supporting each other and staying nearby for help, and as Lucy picked up Wendy, his heart melted. He wobbled towards Rogue, and then extended his hand, this time with hope of happiness. He then hugged Rogue and pat him on the back, and as they supported each other tended to Yukino. Kagura took care of the exceeds and helped them clean up this place. Turns out she has a soft spot for cute creatures like Frosch and other exceeds. 

After all was said and done, they all looked at each other in a new way. Fairy Tail looked at Sabertooth not as snobby people who were cold with no feelings, but as friends who needed proper guidance, which was provided now that their feelings were no longer as strict and cold as before. Sabertooth finally understood why the Fairies were so reckless and carefree. It wasn't arrogance, it was spirit. Then the exceeds along with Kagura returned, tired but happy. 

"This place was once called the Ravine of Angels because of it's divine hidden beauty. Exceeds used to reside here for fortune, love, and good luck. It was a loving place, until it was forever hidden so that no evil could reach it. There is also some sort of hidden treasure around here, granting a user one wish they can use in their lifetime. However, once used, the person will suffer from consequences, as an opposing force. The "Angels" represented the exceed, and how they took care of this place in history. Magic naturally flows through those waters. So do emotions from the tears that were shed here. It is truly a sacred place where no evil could ever take hold of it truly." 

After goodbye's were said after being in awe of the place as the exceeds flew the humans up one by one. Smiles lingered on all their faces as they headed opposite directions. 


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