Im a monster Raph x reader

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hey guys im supper sorry for being lazy, here is something for you all

please request


(Y/n)"s P.O.V

"Don't ya get it, im a freak, were not ment to be!" Raph shouted at me as i started to cry "it'll never work!" he screaded pointing his sai at me "im a Monster, (Y/n)!" he screamed "im a freak and youre a gorgus women who diserves so much more!" he screamed as we sat on the roof of an abandon bilding, and to think this all started when a kid screamed at him when he was trying to help. "raph-" he cut me off "no, don't make it any harder than it hase to be!" he shouted "were over, im sorry, i'll always love you" he wispered the last part and ran off deep into the night.

that was 2 weeks ago and i've been eating icecream/sherbit since that night. i cryed so much that i ran out of tears. "why why did he leave me, i new i wasn't good enof." i sobed out onto my besty Elainah's sholder (Elainah is my OC) "its ok, shhh it'll be alright" she wispered back as she hugged me "Lainy why dose it hurt?" i sobed out "because you loved him, it's time to let go of what you lost hun i know its hard, i lost someone to." she said "r-r-realy?" i asked "yeah, his name was Cooper." she said as she hugged me tighter "i need to see him Lain just one more time!" i wispered "i dont know if he wants to i mean, he wont even come nere me cause he knows were roomies, Leo seams really worryed, i'll see what i can do, i got to go i'll be back later ok" she asked "yeah." i said wipeing my tears

Raph's P.O.V

i was in my room crying when Leo told me to go fined (Y/n) and get Her/Him back cause Lainy whont talk to him. i left and went to (Y/n)'s place and knocked on the window, i was saprised when He/She opend the windo "(Y/n) im so sorry please take me back i was just realy upset and scared that iwas never gonna be good enof for ya!" i said stairing at the sudenly interesting ground "Raph?" She/He asked  " what," i said through a sob "look at me." He/She wispered and used Her/His hand to move my head up so i was looking at Him/Her. "i'll take you back if you take me back." She/He said with tears in His/Her eyes "oh baby!" i said pulling Him/Her into my arms and holding Her/Him tight "never let me go." He/She wispered as i brought Her/Him through the windo into His/Her room "never." i mumbled as i kissed /His head.


 how was that Love's as i said i would make it gender newtrul and im not good at that so pleas request what you want to read please it would make this a hole lot easeyer.

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