I didn't want Jordan to track me down to his place.

I opened the bathroom door and found the groggy man sitting at the edge of the bed. His eyes squinted from the bathroom light that illuminated his face.

I looked at him with wide eyes. I was not expecting to see him as soon as I got out.

His arms were leaning against his knees, his back hunched over as he stared up at me. His face was still, as so was the rest of him.

The only sound heard throughout the place was the refrigerator from the kitchen making humming noises.

"What are you doing in here?" I finally asked, my voice was raspy against the sound of nothing around us.

He blinked at me and he straightened his back.

"When I woke up, you were gone. I was worried," he responded, his voice low and silky sounding.

"Sorry. I was just taking a shower to make myself feel better."

He sent me an amused half smile my way, but his throat worked as he tried not to focus on my wet hair.

"I'm glad you're making yourself at home. I'd prefer that."

His brown eyes blinked up at me again, and I felt like I was going to burst if this sexual tension between us wouldn't ease.

He slowly stood up from the foot of the bed and made his way to where I was standing. He outstretched his hand to gently caress the new bruise on my cheek.

He was so close to me; his lips were practically already against my nose; he was taller than me.

I wanted to do nothing more than to drag him to my lips and feel him against me.

"When he hurts you, it hurts me," he whispered, his voice hitching a bit.

His breath from his heartbreaking whisper slid past my cheeks, and I felt my heart sink to my stomach. The pain in his eyes burned right through me, and I stayed entirely still.

It was so silent, I heard him take a hard swallow.

His fingertips seemed to burn my skin as he softly stroked my cheek, his fingers slowly leading themselves to the back of my neck.

"V," I warned as I scanned his face.

I knew what was about to happen. My heartbeat echoed throughout my ears, and there was no more denying how I felt around him.

My thoughts battled with one another. Even though I found his path to safety, I was still in a dangerous relationship.

I had the car. Jordan could easily track me down and find me in the arms of this beautiful man in front of me.

However, the movement of his face moving terribly slow to meet mine tortured every single part of me.

The thoughts that gave me a headache immediately subsided when he gently grabbed the back of my head and pushed his soft, supple lips against mine.

My heart took over my head, and my fingers found themselves tangled between the soft strands of his dark hair.

Next thing I knew, I was slowly being lifted, and my legs held his torso in between them. His strong hands held me near the back of my top thighs.

He sat himself back down on to the bed, but this time I was sitting and straddling on top of him.

I found my fingertips inching themselves down to the bottom hem of his shirt, and he lifted his arms up to let me take it off.

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