chapter one

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I stepped off the bus and sped walked in the direction of my house. My block, Dresden, the weirdest in the city of Detroit. My house and a few others looked as if it was in the suburbs while the other looked as if no one live in them. What makes it worse is that it's right off of 8 mile road, one of the busiest streets. 

A car playing loud N.W.A. music, full a males rode slowed down next to me and my two best friends, Britney and Jasmine.

Jasmine smacked her teeth,"What do these niggas want?"

"Ayo ladies! What up doe?"

  Britney and I rolled our eyes simultaneously.

 None of us replied to his question and began to walk even faster than before.

"Ay little bitches! I know yall hear me!" The passenger shouted.

 I clinched on my trapper keeper and other books tighter. 

Britney broke the silence between the three of us, "We're almost home girls . Just keep ignoring it." 

I began to pick up my speed almost leaving my girls behind.

"Fuck you then bitch! You ain't even that cute anyway, looking like a damn banana." The male said as he skrted off.

"Like I haven't heard that one before." I mumbled to myself.

"Fuck you, ugly ass nigga! You just mad my home girl wouldn't give ya crusty ass any play." Jasmine shouted at the car.

"Jas... he's gone" I spoke.

"Man that was just foul and outta line. How you gone get mad we ain't wanna talk to you. Like nigga you 'bout 30 tryna talk to teenagers. Pedophile ass nigga."Jasmine said.

I hated Thursdays with a passion because its the day when I'm was forced to ride the bus to and from school. Both my mother and father worked night so I wasn't able to get picked up like on the other days. I had to deal with shit like this everyday on my block. At school I am spoken to with respect My school is located downtown Detroit. It is the home of the brightest teen of the city. Cass Technical High School is pretty much my personal vacation from my neighborhood to be honest. At Cass I can be myself while here on Dresden I had to put on this hard image to survive.

We finally made it to my house. I unzipped my book bag to get my house keys out. As soon as I opened the door I dropped my heavy book bag. I threw my keys into the bowl. Jasmine and I both plopped onto the couch to watch TV, MTV to be exact.

As always, Madonna Like a Prayer was playing. I took out my math text book and finished my work from 5th period as the song played. 

"Man, y'all never have anything in this damn house Steph. What the fuck do y'all eat? Air!?" Britney shouted from the kitchen.

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