Let The Summer Begin (Part 1)~ 2

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Chapter 2: Let The Summer Begin

Louis, Eleanor and Me were now in the taxi on the way to the airport, I was a little nervous about meeting them all and going away for once without my parents, i have been away with Louis and his family but never on my own like this. Louis and El must have seen how nervous i was because they were telling me it will be okay and i will get on great with them. They told me the quick things i would need to know about each of them and they all sounded really nice, maybe the holiday wouldn't be so bad.

We got bored in the taxi so the three of us, Louis, Eleanor and Me began taking silly photo's pulling faces and posting them on our twitters. Louis obviously had lots of followers and Eleanor had lots aswell for being Louis girlfriend. I also had quite a few as i was known as friends with Louis and Eleanor and were had been pictured out before. Once there was even rumours that me and Louis were secretly going out behind Eleanor's back, which of course was all made up shit. We all found it quite funny they would think me and louis would go out. My mentions were now full up of people retweeted following, replying to the pictures tweeting me. I laughed at some of the things people were saying and replied to a few and followed some people. Louis stole my phone and tweeted pretending to be me,

(made up her twitter name, don't actually know if it is someone's twitter, it's not intentional)

@Laura_Collins: I Love @Louis_Tomlinson so much, he is so hot!

I laughed at what he had tweeted and saw people replying saying 'hi louis' and 'guessing louis fraped your twitter!' I laughed and told Louis they knew it was him and he laughed aswell,

*At the airport*

I was walking in with Louis and Eleanor and there were only a few paps there hoping to get pics of some celebs i suppose. There were a few fans in the airport heading of to holiday or whatever who asked for pictures with Louis aswell and probably the other boys when we see them. They took a few pictures of us mainly to get pictures of Louis.

Louis has spotted the boys and Danielle and was heading over with Eleanor and Me, when someone put their hands over my eyes and there body right behind mine, "guess who" he whispered in my ear, i shrieked and louis and Eleanor turned around. He took his hand of my eyes and i saw Louis and Eleanor smiling behind me, I turned around happy and jumped up into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist as his hands were under my thighs keeping me up. He spun me around and kissed me gently but passionately on my lips. "Babe i have missed you" he said.

"I have missed you too Dylan, how was your family trip" i asked him.

Dylan my boyfriend had gone on a trip to see his family and wasn't meant to be back yet.

"it was great, shame i couldn't see you though" he pouted, i pecked him again quickly and he put me on the ground and held my hand interwining our fingers.

"Dylan, mate it's been too long" louis said bringing him in to a man hug, he then hugged Eleanor aswell.

"your back early" i said to Dylan confued.

"well why don't you ask louis here" he said,  i looked to Louis

"I knew how much you were missing him, so i arranged for dylan to come on holiday with us aswell" he grinned.

"OMG thank you so much" i said as i gave him a big hug.And also gave Eleanor a hug.

"come let me introduce you to the others" Louis said as he took Eleanor's hand and Dylan took my hand heading over to a group of boys and a girl.


Next Part! I feel bad as i hadn't done anything for a while so i wrote half of this chapter and will write the other half when i next can.

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