😃Book Announcements!😃

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So as you all remember (those of you who voted) I was a wee bit late on this annoucment (not that thats new😅😜) Here's the announcements for the next two books I'll be publishing!

Book after this book is Completed;

I am honestly surprised that most of you voted for my original story Still Here. Its makes me really happy to know that you all are willing to give my original story a shot! I honestly expected Kingdom Hearts tale to out number the votes especially since its undertale related and more chapters are done on that one while this one I'm still working on chapter 3😅😃 thank you all very much for your encouragement. now for the next book after this one.

Kingdom hearts tale!

My theory was close to being correct however you amazing people ( or whatever you refer yourself as Ex; I refer myself as a alien, llama, demon, ect) surprised me! But here's a fun fact about this book. This book was my first book I wrote on my account and was the closest to being completed until I wrote this freshpaper book lol.

Now for the other two book I had you vote on those will also be published but not until I'm done with these two that are coming after this one.

His Undying Love will be published after Kingdom hearts tale and Still here are done.

Then finally To love a Sin will be published but unlike His Undying love it will be published when ever I finish the first three chapters (this is because my girl scout friend Mia's OC is in it and she really wants to start reading it, I hate to disappoint her since she so enthusiastic and sweet lol)

Also for those of you who voted on Still here I just wanted to let you know I'm still working on rhe storyline so much like this book it will be wild but entertaining and since it is a series I might have those of you who read it vote on it once again for the other two books when it almost done. Having said that since I'm still working on Still here if I fail to publish a chapter for it I will make up by publishing a chapter from Kingdom hearts tale.

So with all that said thank you all so much,you all have no idea how much you have brightend my days with your words of humour and encouragement! I hope you enjoy the next chapter that will be published next Wensday (wow I'm still publishing on a Wensday, its like my brains telling me to get back on schedule😂)

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