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"And this week, he actually tried to hold my hand. My hand, Y/N!" Lily squeaked as she absentmindedly turned over another leaf in her book without even looking. I chuckled to myself, watching her rant so heatedly about her lover, James Potter. She always ranted to me, because I was the only one who'd listen. Why do I listen, I hear you ask? It's because I feel bad for the girl. If she keeps it all in herself, I'll guarantee you that she'll burst. 

"I don't know why he doesn't just give up, it's been six years already. And almost every single day I've turned him down. What keeps him going? What's his bloody motivation?" Lily closed the book with a thud, making me flinch slightly. 

I leaned forward from my chair, holding back a smirk, and kept a hand on her knee. "Don't let him get to you. Unless you actually like him?" 

She gasped dramatically but realistically. "Are you kidding me?" She snorted. "I'll never fall for that toerag's dumbass tricks. They're not that good anyways." 

I smirk and leaned back, wisely deciding not to carry on the conversation. But alas, fate had something else in mind. Hair tousled and messy as ever, James strolled into our midst and settled himself a few meters away from the red haired girl. 

"Good evening, love." He said sweetly, fluttering his eyes and resting his chin on the heel of his palm. Lily scoffed and turned her body away from his direction. She opened her book again and tried her hardest to focus on that again. 

"I don't know why you're scoffing, Lily." James sighed, "I've only ever given you my best wishes."

I listened to the boy, and for the first time ever, he sounded disappointed. My heart was thudding unnecessarily. I felt guilty. 

"You don't know why I'm scoffing?" Lily got up abruptly, her book falling off her lap and onto the floor. I gasped. Lily never let a book so much as touch the floor, let alone fall onto it. She continued angrily, "You have been annoying countless times for who knows how long-"

"Six years." James added.

"Don't finish my sentences!" She growled before resuming, "Why can't you just leave me alone? Why can't you just leave and never come back?" 

Now I stood up. I couldn't bare to see James' betrayed expression. "Lily, that's enough." I said wearily. 

There was a moment of silence. It was extremely comfortable for me. I was just hoping James wouldn't actually start crying right in front of her. James was always so joyful and happy, not to mention mischievous and hilarious. Seeing a frown on the boy was the last thing I thought I'd have to witness. His hazel eyes were shining, he was holding back tears.

He sighed deeply before taking a small step towards Lily, "I'm really sorry. I'll stop." 

Lily was taken aback by his response. I'm sure she was expecting some sort of dramatic act, or another pick up line like usual but no, this was probably the complete opposite. She gaped weirdly, probably oblivious to the fact that she looked like a fish. 

Finally, he leaned forward and placed a gentle and swift kiss on her cheek before smiling weakly and walking off, hands in his pocket, head hanging low. I watched him climb out of the portrait hole before I turned to Lily whose mouth had stretched even wider. I'd have thought she would blush but no tint of red or pink was visible on her porcelain face. A frown came across my face.

"Lily, you said something savage right there." I shook my head disapprovingly. She stuttered awkwardly, making odd hand movements as she did so. "It was down right rude." 

"I- I was angry, I-" Lily spluttered but I raised a hand to shut her up. Without another word, I followed in James' footsteps out of the common room and tried to find the boy. It was almost curfew so I was determined to find him before that. I passed the squib care taker, Argus Filch, and he shot me some nasty glances. His cat hissed as I walked by but I dismissed it as I was focused on something else.

I descended onto another floor and checked each corridor there as well. No sign of him. I decided to check one more floor but it was proving hopeless until I heard some sniffling from an abandoned gap in a wall and noticed a sixteen year old rubbing his eyes lazily, holding his glasses in his left hand. 

"James?" I asked cautiously. He looked at me and his eyes shined in the moonlight for a moment before he looked down quickly and placed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose. A fake grin spread across his features as he tried to act as fine he was fine. Clearly seeing past his lies, I dragged him out into the light and saw his cheeks were tear stained and his eyes were red and puffy. 

"James.." I trailed off and he let go of his guard, letting more tears fall down.

"I've never felt more offended." He shook his head and removed his glasses once again, proceeding to rub his eyes. "I thought she'd notice sooner or later. She just sees me as a nuisance." 

"Don't let it get to you, she didn't mean it." I tried to reason with him but he just didn't take it.

"She did. Everything she's ever said.. She's meant it." He held his head up boldly. I looked down at his left hand and saw his glasses were foggy from his tears. I gently took them and swiped it on my gray shirt, making sure it was clear enough to look through. 

Once I finished, I rose my hand up to his cheek and wiped away any tears that were tempted to drift down his cheek and placed his glasses back on his face with a comforting smile.

"Is that better?" 

He nodded wordlessly. He picked his fingernails and looked down before saying, "Can- Can I have a hug?" 

I melted. James Potter, jock and heart throb of Hogwarts, was asking for something as simple as a hug. I smiled gently before wrapping my arms and his neck and pulling him in for a warm embrace. It took him a moment until he wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in the crook of my neck. It was a very soft hug, I can't exactly describe it. I closed my eyes gently and waited for him to pull away, not wanting to seem weird. He held on for a good few minutes until he finally let go, still sniffling a little. 

"Thank you." He said politely. He ran a hand through his curls and smile a little. I returned the smile happily, glad that I could lift up his spirits. I don't think he was finished though. His eyes kept switching from my gaze to my lips tentatively. I blinked for a moment, thinking whether it was a good idea to let him. Seeing no harm happening, I carefully leaned in, him doing the same, and gently brushed my lips upon his. 

It was like a sudden spark. He immediately sunk into it, I decided to do so as well. It felt strong, protective. His arms gently wrapped themselves again around my waist and pulled me in a little closer. I felt safe in his arms. Gosh, Lily doesn't know what she's missed out on. James was loyal, brave, and a real gentleman. I don't know how she could loathe him so much. I finally regained my senses to delicately pull away, still keeping my eyes closed. Biting my lip awkwardly, I opened my eyes again to see James smiling gratefully. He licked his lips and said, "Strawberry."

"Lipbalm." I confessed, chuckling slightly. "I hope that made you happy-"

"No, I didn't use you. I want you. More than I ever wanted Lily."

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