Chapter 16

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Official Spy Business

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Lilly's POV:

         "Shhhh" Jake said as we ran through the hall in the middle of the night. "Where are we going?" I giggled. He pulled me by my hand through empty halls and darkness. Before I new it we were in the food court. It was a complete surprise. There was a table prepared with a table cloth and candles and some food. "When did" I was in complete awe. He really did this for me. "We don't get to go on regular dates while we're here so this is all I got. I know it's late and.." I cut him off. "No...It's perfect." He was rubbing the back of his neck so I could tell he was nervous. "Do realize that there are several people and cameras watching us at this time." he said and we both laughed. "Yeah I know."

         He pulled out my chair for me and sat  down. After a while I realized we haven't talked like this since we left home. It felt good to finally let some weight off my shoulders. He was always open to listen. I yawned and he took notice. "I shouldn't have dragged you out this late." I could tell he felt bad. "No, it's okay I miss this. I can't wait intill this stupid mission is over." I said. "Tell me about it." He agreed. "How about we watch a movie. Like a midnight dinner, movie date." we both laughed. "Sure." I said as we got up and ran to Jake's room.

       "Which one?" he asked holding up multiple movies. "Uhh... Grown Ups" I said and he popped it in the DVD player. "I was hoping you would pick that one." he said and sat next to me on the floor. I laid my head on his chest. "Thanks for tonight." I said as i looked up and kissed him. "Now don't get too mushy. It will ruin my bad boy image." I slapped his chest. "Ouch. I'm just kidding." he said as he brushed a hair out of my face.

         I leaned against his chest again and tried to watch the movie but I was so tired. I strained to keep my eyelids up. Soon enough they fell. I was in a deep sleep and as I started to dream... The alarm clock went off. I was in my own room staring at my own dorm walls. How did I get here? I'm glad I did or I would totally be busted. I looked on my nightstand and found a note from Jake.

You fell asleep in my room so I carried you here. Hope you slept well. I'm sorry for dragging you out of bed so late. I love you.     -Jake

       I got dressed and decided to skip breakfast. My dorm phone rang. "Miss Williams, General Forson called a meeting and needs your presence. It starts in ten minutes at meeting room 7." I heard the secratary explain without a 'good morning' or at least a 'hello'. "Okay. I'll be right there." I said right as she hung up the phone. Well, someone's busy.

        I stepped out of my dorm and locked the door. Suddenly I felt hands wrap around my waiste and soft lips press up against my neck. I loosened up realizing that it was the one and only..."Jake." I whined and turned to face him. "I have to go to a meeting." I said looking right into those hypnotizing hazel eyes. "Oh. I know. I'm going too." he said and than swooped me up and carried me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I said slapping his back as he walked. "No. I like the view." he said and I felt him laugh. "Thats just foul. Please let me down. " I pouted. Not just because of his comment but because I'm pretty sure the blood was rushing to my head. "Fine. If I have to."he faked a sigh. We interlocked fingers and walked the rest of the way to the meeting.
Jake's POV:

           "Since we see this mission as a huge problem for spies everywhere, we will be funding this mission. It will now be an official mission. This doesn't mean we are taking you teenagers off the team. We will be assigning you a qualified partner though. Keep in mind, this is for your own protection." The general blabbed on. I was getting nervous for a second. I thought we were off the mission. This is going to be exciting. Although I don't really want an adult stuck to my hip the whole time at least we are still going to be on official spy business before we are even classified as full spies.

        The meeting ended and General Forson lead me, Lilly, Kaitie, Chris, and John to our partners for this mission. "Since you guys called your parents to help and they know a lot about this mission, they will partner with you two." Forson said to Christina and I and we accepted enthusiastically.  "Since Mrs. Williams is a big part of this mission she will be teamed up with you, Josh." I was expecting that. Josh was sort of a momma's boy but he was also pretty cool for a freshman. Chris and John both got some level 6 clearing, 20 year old agents. Kaitie and Lilly also got some young agents except the only agent left was a guy and Lilly got him. He wasn't ugly either. No. This is not happening. He touches her and he dies. Plain and simple. Lilly is mine.

        "Alright now that you have your partners, Gear up!" General Forson commanded. We did as we were told and it was time to get on the mission.

        "Okay, here's what we are going to do. Kaitie you are going to be the honeypot. Make one of the agents fall for you and get as much information as possible. You will be wearing a wire so if anything goes wrong we will come and help." John did not look very happy at this idea. "Everyone else, we will be planting cameras and audio inside the base. Remember they can see the security cameras so stay out of veiw. We will also be listening through a wire. We will send back up if anything goes wrong. Everyone clear on their assignments?"General Forson finally finished. "Clear." everyone said in unison. "Okay head out." we all filed out of the van and approched the base. "Let's take down these jerk offs." I said and my father laughed."You got your mothers spunk. Thats for sure." he said as we got closer and closer.

         We climbed up into the attic using grappling hooks. The things they taught us in high school barely helps on real missions. I finally figured out how to use the hooks and we were in. We started to scout out the place. We inactivated cameras here and there. I was walking down the hall to the next camera and that's when one caught a glimpse of me. I spun into an abandoned hall way but it was too late. They already saw me.

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***Honeypot: Pretends to be in love with someone to get information out of the enemy team.


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