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Chapter Forty Eight

Arabella, Sian and Soph where sat on the bottom bunks chatting away.

All the boys where out with Blair, they hadn't said much just that Blair needed to talk.

"I can't wear nice outfits on stage anymore" Soph said sadly.

"What why?" Arabella asked confused.

"Have you seen my bump?" Soph laughed standing up and taking off her hoodie.

"Oh my god no way!!" Sian said in shock.

Soph had been wearing hoodies, baggy shirts, anything to cover the huge bump she was hiding.

"Sophie that's gonna get really hard to hide" Arabella said worried.

"I know, I really feel like we need to tell Blair. But the boys just aren't having it"

"It's understandable tho, god knows what Blair is gonna do when he finds out" Sian said, unintentionally sipping her tea.

"Don't even remind me, I am so scared" Soph said shivering at the thoughts.

"You'll be fine, you have us and the boys" Arabella smiled.

"On another note, have you guys thought of any names?" Sian said excited.

"We have" Soph said a huge smile on her face.

Brooklyn and her had sat up for hours discussing baby names. Arguing at 3am over one name, to then love another.

"And? Tell us" Sian said.

"I think we're gonna keep it a secret until she's born"

"Nooo, you can't do that to us" Arabella whined.

"Don't be so nosy"

AUTHORS NOTE: boring chapter i know, but thank you SO SO SO much for 1K reads 💓💞💝💗💘

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