nueve | acuerdo

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —
Acuerdo — deal
Chica — girl
Cállate — shut up
Cariña — honey
Casa — house


It seemed the wine worked like a heavy drug, for Jungkook was sure he was mind fucked.

Aeri? At my house? At this hour?

He kept staring at the nurse, and the shadow like figure following her.

No. It can't be.

The boy shook his head vigorously, running a rushed hand through the tangles of his locks.

Closing his eyes only had the flamenco dancer swaying sensually in front of him.

Everywhere. She was rooted into every fibre of Jungkook's being without her doing a single thing.

That was what astounded him, as he started stumbling to the hammock just in front of him.

He nearly fell off trying to lay on it, but he managed, one leg dangling out, the toes of the boy's shoes caressing the tiled concrete of the opening.

The half empty bottle eventually fell from his grasp, the impact not hard enough to break but to send it spilling off to a direction.

Jungkook didn't mind. He didn't need the wine now.

For he already had a ghost of a drug to rely on for the rest of the night.



Jungkook's eyes snapped open.

Above him stood the nurse, giving him a raised brow.

"It's the fifth damn time!" She exclaimed, putting her hands to her hips. "You've slept nearly half the day!"

The boy couldn't be bothered to get up and face her properly, so he kept his head laid back, patting her arm. "Mama, let me live. I was upset last night."

"That doesn't explain why you're always drunk," she scolded.

Light footsteps approached from the hallway entrance, and the nurse turned around, a smile instantly reaching her lips.

"Ah, chica!"

Jungkook, confused, turned himself on the hammock, trying to see the cause of the nurse's sudden approval.

His entire body froze on the knitted hanging.

For it was Aeri Alvarez walking slowly towards them from the hall doorway.

Jungkook's mouth dried up in seconds, his back demanding him to sit up and just stare at the woman coming towards his mother figure.

Oh mierda. So he was right.

His mind wasn't truly fucked.

The nurse gave the girl a kiss on two cheeks before inspecting her simple red dress. "Even with such simple attire you look like a princess."

Aeri, smiling at her, was about to reply when the boy's mouth decided to move.

"No, Mama," he said, not taking his eyes off her as he set the nurse aside just a little. "She looks like a queen."

The girl then noticed the boy behind.

The luscious smile she possessed just seconds before faded.

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