Listen to this Book: YES, Plunder is Published!

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I've been waiting to tell you this since October, but finally, here's the day! The little story I wrote in five months four years ago called PLUNDER has been chosen to be published as part of the Hachette Audiobooks: Powered by Wattpad partnership. Out of over 400 million stories currently on the platform, my historical adventure was selected for audiobook publication and it's available NOW! 

PLUNDER is the story of seventeen-year-old housemaid Ana who is kidnapped by pirates in a case of mistaken identity. But playing the wholesome daughter of a Spanish admiral among rag-tag buccaneers soon becomes the least of her concerns. Battles, a shipwreck, mutiny, and most unexpectedly, love are what really turn her world upside down. When the truth threatens to end Ana's adventures, it's the secrets of the dashing Alestair Kincade, Pirate King of the Caribbean, that prove to be the most dangerous. Ana will need to use her wits and charm to not only stay off the gallows, but also to avoid a fate she now considers to be worse than death: being sent home to Panama to a hopeless future.

Audiobook titles to be released under this partnership this year will span all genres and will be sold digitally through major online retailers, including iTunes,, Barnes & Noble, Downpour, eStories,,, and others. Physical audiobook editions on CD will be made available to libraries and on-demand.

Thank you to everyone who read Plunder here on Wattpad. You helped this become possible! The audiobook is narrated by British voice actress Charlotte Wright and it's absolutely amazing to hear Ana come to life. It is now also professionally edited, and I also made several major changes in chapters 10-12 from the version that's available on Wattpad.

The best part is, there may be a way for you to get a FREE copy! Click in the External Link for more info.

The best part is, there may be a way for you to get a FREE copy! Click in the External Link for more info

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