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How I hate the big tragedy in the book.

There is always the taboo/ secret/ shame or whatever the main girl has.

And the guy of her dreams has to piece it together, and at the end of the book she'll have a sob and he'll be like, "It's ok babe I'm always here for youuuuu."

Oh my god.

So un-rea-lis-tic.

And the actual tragedy that has occurred? Oh yeah. You know, nothing major.

Either a) her parents or her whole family are dead. Or b) she has an abusive past.

Basically, the protagonist goes through a psychologically damaging situation. Sometimes, it's like she only just remembers. The author thinks they can chuck in a few crying scenes and that will be satisfactory.


And her ex-best friend or enemy threatens to tell the school about her secret.


Same old tragedy.


Ok, just clarifying one thing. Tragedy can be done if written well.

I know people who have experienced some of things written about, like sexual assault or domestic violence. They always say the same thing.

The character will not get over it in a day.

It's not something that can be taken lightly.

I want you also consider the psychological side of it, wattpad authors. This can be potentially scarring for your readers, and if you choose to write about instances like rape really consider it.

Respect what you are writing. If you don't understand the full impact that this traumatic experience can bring upon a person, then please don't think you can casually include it.

If you are planning to write about a tragedy, respect the situation. I'm probably not making much sense, am I? Think about it realistically and please try not to get really graphic.

And if you do, put a warning. It may horrify or shock some people.

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