❝people with 1000 fans, but no book!❞

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wattpad rants | people with 1000 fans, but no book!

You click on someone's profile. Oh, they're pretty popular. 1000 followers.

Oh, wait. What's missing?


I cannot even begin to explain how intensely irritating this is.

Does anyone remember the old wattpad days were your followers were called 'fans'? Personally, that title is more fitting.

A 'fan' is defined as; "a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form or famous person."

I'm not saying you shouldn't fan the people you are friends with or whatever. Sure, you have your own reasons and I'm not pointing the finger at anyone. It's just the whole point of wattpad is to share writing, etc. etc.

It's like on Facebook, a like for a like. Or on twitter, a follow for a follow. Pointless, and doesn't show true appreciation.

It kills me when a great writer has only 23 fans whereas someone who doesn't even LIKE writing has 1056.

People. Y U so stupid?

Do you know what I actually think was a good thing? The follow limit. When you exceed 1000 people you follow, you are unable to follow anymore. I know some people will be against that, but then again it stops fan-whores.

What's the point anyway? To prove you're popular?

Fan people who deserve it.

No really, please do.


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