Chapter - 36 "HORRIFIED "

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Days had passed now, we still couldn't find out our carriage. And my curiosity and suspicion over George increased as he never once missed  bringing me blood.

This was it, I decided that I'll follow him and find out myself.
It was noon and we were fetching some wild berries, George turned towards me and said
"I'm going to check the surroundings, you just stay here and lookout"

I nodded, he left and after a few seconds I followed him. He went through a few narrow paths and then came to a clearing.

And I couldn't believe my eyes. What I just saw was just.. Was just...


There was blood everywhere. On the trees on the grass and there was one bloody axe lying neatly on top of George's duffel bag.

My whole body was shivering, I had never seen so much blood all at once and the worst part was that the smell of blood was increasing my hunger I felt  my fangs coming out.

Then george came, he was holding something or SOMEONE. It was a man nearly 30-35 years old, he was looking really scared. Well if I was him I would be scared too.

Then george did something that scarred my mind for life. He laid the man down and picked up the axe. The man was crying and shouting for help, but all in vain.

And then george beheaded the man in one blow. Blood oozed out from his neck and his severed head lying in front of George's legs. George picked his head up and threw it away, if fell in front of me and tears started pouring down from my eyes, this was like every single horror movie I've ever seen.

My mind went completely numb, I fell down with a thud and George turned around.

I couldn't believe what I just saw it was just so horrible and gore. I fainted, the last thing I saw was george running towards me.


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