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I am alone here  at the bus stop . Many people are around me but they all are strangers . First of all , i should wash my face and clean the wounds , otherwise they all will doubt me . I also need bandage . 

After washing her face and having bandaged her wounds she started walking. Let's see where this road takes me . I believe in my God and also know this that now he will show sympathy on me .  I m hungry but what should i eat and from where? I don't the places .I also don't have more money. The bus fare was high .I have to eat cheap and little food. There,there is a burger stall . I should buy 1 or 2 from there. 

''what is the cost of 1 burger, please'' I asked 

'' It is rupees 40 but the burgeris much tasty and has more ingredients in it '' He told me.

''ok , then give me 2 '' I said

After eating,

Now i m feeling better . I have to continue to walk so as to find a shelter. It is evening and  in 1or 2 hours it will be night . 

Then she saw a park and went inside it. She sat on a bench under a tree and started remembering her old days . She knew that her parents, Siya and Rahul will be in a great shock and would be missing her. But if she would have not ran from there , then she would be dieing everyday . Because she couldn't live with that BEAST .

Then she heard whistling and looked aroundand found out that some drunkened men were coming towards her. She rose from there . And started to walk vut one man stopped her . They , then encircled her and sang songs . She ran from there by hitting a man . They also followed her . She came on the road .It was now dark . But they also came there. She ran as fast she can and saw a narrow road with dustbins at its entrance . She hid herself there. The man went ahead . Aaradhika now broke into tears and thought that this world is not good for women Everyone want to take advantage of them .She decided to sleep there only as it was dangerous to be out alone at night in a place she doesn't know about anything.

Next morning, she was woken up by horns of vehicles . She then again started on her way . She found  a temple and went in to pray to God for helping her. She sat infront of the idol and chanted the mantras with great believe and concentration . The pujari(priest) on seeing her worshipping wirh whole heart also prayed to God to help her.

She then went out of the temple and because of tiredeness and weakness she started fainting and came in the way of a speeding car. The driver stopped it but it touched her and she fell and got a little injured. She fell unconsious 

When the priest saw this , he came to her and helped the driver to take her inside the car . He then looked at the heaven and said ,''oh God! have mercy on this poor child . Why r u not giving her your shade of love  .She seems to be in problems.''

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