The Dancer

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I watch as she dances

Lithe lady in the light.

The men watch her

With smiles on their faces.

She is an angel, they say.

Her cheekbones glint as the sunlight hits her skin.

She is bestowed with heavenly talent.

Her body moves to the bard's song in perfect synchronicity.

How could she be so brill?

Her eyes move like a fluttering butterfly, pausing on me for a moment.

I catch my breath. Such a Beauty! 

She dances until the dawn of dusk, until sweat and grime mist her skin. 

She stops to drink sherbet, crossing the tent,

Winking at me mischievously.

Why does she look so familiar? Was she in my dreams yesterday?

She laughs as I rise, the screen shatters.

I wake again, 

Breathless and dithering.

She was just a dream.

Yet again.

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