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                         Taylor's pov;

For the past two weeks me and Tracy been visiting jordan in rehab giving her homework so she wouldn't be so behind. Me and Tracy became official and closer with each other she's been staying a night a lot of lately well we take days at each other's house; I still haven't found Amber or Miranda they both dropped out of school but trust me I have people that will get the information I need. "Baby come on, Tracy said pulling me "okay babe I'm coming, I chuckled; y'all probably wondering why she pulling me wellll I decided to take this girl shopping for our one month anniversary and she seen pink has sell so she's dragging me in there.

We finally made it inside; Tracy went on a rampage looking for things in her size but I'm glad they having a sale because I won't be spending so much on this damn girl. I sat down on a bench inside waiting for her to get done; I pulled out my phone and scrolled around on facebook reacting to peoples pictures. I looked up to see a girl looking in a rack that kinda looked like Amber from the back but her hair was dyed a light blue with black tips; she turned to the side I jumped quick to see it was Amber. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail as I approached her; I tapped on her shoulder she turned around and her face turned white as she seen it was me. "Remember me bitch?, I asked "wha- what are you doing here, Amber sturred "don't worry about it you scared aren't you?, I asked "please don't call the police, Amber begged "bitch you tired to kill my fucking sister, I semi yelled "it was a accident, Amber said "it wasn't the doctors said she was already in a fight before getting hit, I snarled "we didn't mean to it was just to mess with her, Amber said "well mess with these fists, I said. As I threw my fist it was caught; I turned around and seen it was Tracy "tracy let me go please, I said "not in here, Tracy said. I rolled my eyes at her and turned back around to see Amber gone; I snatched my hand out her hand and walked up to the register with Tracy. She laid her stuff on the counter and talked to the worker as she rung up her stuff "okay that will be $60.29, the worker said "okay, I said; I took out my card and swiped it. I placed back in my pocket as the lady put Tracy things in a bag handing it to her with the receipt; I grabbed the bags from Tracy and left out behind her.

We walked around the mall until I seen the Nike store my favorite store "ooohhhh babeeee, i whinnied "fine lets go, Tracy said. I smiled as I pulled her into the store with me; I gave her the bags as I walked around looking through racks. I found a black nike sweatsuit with a windbreaker jacket; I picked that up and some white socks also a sun visor. I looked over at the men's section and got me a pack of boxers with a pack of under shirts; I walked over to the counter and waited in line behind a couple I think. One of them turned around and looked at me up and down with a stank face; I rolled my eyes smacking my lips. Tf they looking out dumb ass people; the line moved a little I stayed back away from them. The worker checked out the couple in front of me; as they was walking past somebody tapped my shoulder I looked over to see one them. "What, I snarled "boy clothes are for boys only, he said "get out my face bitch, I semi yelled; he chuckled as he walked away. I took a breather before going to the worker; I laid my things on the counter and watched the worker rung out my things. "Okay ma'am you're totally is $120.65, the worker said; I shook my head okay as I took my card out my pocket. I swiped it before signing my name for acceptance that it's me.

I grabbed the receipt from the worker as I was grabbing my bags. I walked out and seen Tracy sitting on the bench talking on the phone; as I was walking over to her I bumped into somebody causing them to drop their things. I kneeled down to help as I handed them back their stuff I noticed it was Miranda; I dropped the stuff back down and spit on her as I walking away. I sat down next to Tracy on the bench and pecked her cheek "you hungry baby, I asked "yesss let's go eat, Tracy said "okay baby, I said; we got off the bench and headed towards the food court. "Okay baby what you want, I asked "ummm subway, Tracy said "okay princess, I smiled; we walked over to subway and looked at the menu as we waited for the worker. "Hello welcome to subway how can I help you, the worker asked "can I have a ham and cheese six foot with my bread baked please, Tracy said "okay and for you ma'am, the worker asked "can I have a meatball sub six foot too, I said "okay you're totally is $9.50, the worker said "okay, I said. I took cash out my pocket and paid for our food; we found us a table as we waited for our food to get done.

"Baabyyy, I coed "yess babe, Tracy said "I love youuu, I said "I love you too goofy, Tracy giggled "yayyy, I clapped "I'm gonna go see if our food done, Tracy said "okay, I said. Tracy got up from the table and headed over to subway; I sat there waiting for her to come back with the food. I took my phone out my pocket and started to play on it until I was interrupted by feeling somebody sitting next to me; I looked up and seen it was Miranda. "Listen before you try to beat my ass it wasn't our fault we're paid to do it, Miranda explained "by who, I snarled "I can't tell you, Miranda said "Miranda tell me now before I whoop you're ass, I semi yelled "I'm sorry Taylor I gotta go there watching us, Miranda said. She got up and hurried away before I got to say anything else to her; I sat there worrying like who's watching us? But why are they watching us? Tracy came back to the table with our tray. I snapped out my daze and checked our sandwich's making sure their right; I started to eat my food as Tracy was still checking hers. I chuckled because she always double check something "baby you're sand which is fine, I said "I'm just checkingggg, Tracy said "lol you are a trip, I chuckled "so, Tracy said biting into her sand which "so baby I was thinking what you wanna do after high school, I asked "well go to college hopefully we get married during our sophomore year of college but I also do want kids, Tracy said "I do too I was wondering who will be the pregnant one, I said "of course me, Tracy chuckled "fashooo, I said. As we finished eating we finally made a deal about college and our future from there it sounded pretty good; I couldn't wait till school was over.

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