Chapter II

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"B E N I T O !"

The blue haired gem let out a squeal before breaking into a sprint, Phosphophyllite let go of [Y/N]'s wrist and make a mad dash towards the blue haired gem.

After a while of chasing, screaming and yelling, Phos returned tiredly with Benito who's not breaking a sweat at all, the blue haired gem just walked beside the now tired Phos on the ground.

"You are clearly not used to this right Phos? If you want to go on fights like the other gems, you need to learn to outrun Benito and me", [Y/N] said as she flashed her usual cute smile, earning a blush from Benito who's fidgeting nervously.

"Hi [Y/N]", Benito greeted the [H/C] gem as he sweatdropped at Phos who's clinging to the [F/C] gem's legs.

"Why do we need to find Benitooo?".

"Stop your groaning Phos. Benito, your room is next to Cinnabar right?"

"Benito's room is next to Cinnabar?! Ne, Senpai! Why didn't you tell me before! I could've catched up to him!", Phos exclaimed while pouting.

"Yeah, but you do realized that she doesn't stay in the school anymore", Benito replied, earning a confused look from Phos who's mouth in wide open because of the shock.

"She now lives in a cave near the sea and goes out night patrols", Benito added.

The trio arrived in front of a room, Cinnabar's room was messy, the walls were chipped off, her poison stained the once clean floors, the room was blocked by a few wooden planks which made a blockade for those who wished to enter.

After the little tour, [Y/N] and Phos said their thank you(s) to Benito, who's now back to his job with his partner Neptunite, AKA Nepuchii. But before Benito left, he asked [Y/N] out to play cards with him, before [Y/N] could reply, Phos quickly dragged the female gem away from the blue haired gem, Benito who was watching could only wave his hand.

After chasing and meeting Benito, Phos and [Y/N] are now currently looking for Cinnabar, the sun is almost down so it minimalize the chance of a Lunarian vessel showing. The straps of [Y/N]'s ragged sword swayed as the wind blow.

Both gems are now at a cliff where Heliodor was taken from them. As if on cue, the sound of a familiar music filled the gem's ears. The music of a Lunarian and the sound of arrows coming towards them.

"Phos run!", pushing Phos away, [Y/N] quickly unsheat her sword and made a dash towards the vessel, the Lunarians were shooting arrows at her, but [Y/N] skillfully dodged everyone of them, using her sword as a shield.


"Eh?", [Y/N] looked back only to see a spear heading towards her, the gem can only stand in shock as she waits for the impact to come, however it never came. The [H/C] gem opened her [E/C] orbs and saw a particular red head protecting her with her poison.

"Cinnabar..", [Y/N] called out as she stared at the female infront of her.

"Tch, I wait for you every night.. and now you came because of them..", Cinnabar exclaimed as she unleashed more of her poisonus liquid, burning half of the Lunarians.

"I don't want to fight.. I don't want to fight.. I-I don't want to fi-", before Cinnabar could finish her sentence, she puke. [Y/N] who was standing behind her looked at Cinnabar with worry in her orbs.

After getting out of her shock statement, [Y/N] quickly jumped and landed on the vessel, the girl worked quickly, slashing and killing every Lunarians in sight, but beforeshe got to the main Lunarian, Cinnabar unleashed her poison once again, covering the vessel, [Y/N] who's still on the vessel, quickly ran and jumped.

"Just how stupid am I..?",[Y/N] muttered as she found herself falling towards the raging waves of the ocean, Phos who saw his senpai falling quickly stretched out his hand, trying to reach [Y/N]. The female gem caught the clipboard but before Phos could pull her back, both of his arms snaps, and Cinnabar act quick as she went to catch the falling gem.

"SENPAI!", Phos yelled as he found himself staring into the ocean, what he doesn't know, is that [Y/N] is currently with Cinnabar who's holding her left arm.

"Thank you Cinnabar", [Y/N] said as she bowed her head a bit at the female gem, Cinnabar only nod and mutter an apology as her poison melt the outer parts of [Y/N]'s gem and washed off the powder revealing a [F/C] gem.

Hearing his senpai's voice Phos turned around and saw  [Y/N] talking casually to Cinnabar. He pouted before stomping towards [Y/N], with both arms gone, Phos used his leg to kick [Y/N]'s leg to make her notice him, but due to the hardness diffrence, his leg shattered to pieces. Well, at least he got her attention now.

"Ugh, Why am I borned with the hardness 3.5?!", Phos yelled in frustration as [Y/N] picked up his shattered pieces.

"I'm the weakest.., my hardness is 2", Cinnabar suddenly said as she stared into Phos's peppermint green orbs.

"I have no use here, my mere existence destroys the living, I'm so useless to the point where I wanted them Lunarians to take me to the moon! I patrol the silent night, waiting for them to come and get me, and when they finally showed up, it was because of you 3.5!!"

And with that Cinnabar left, without saying anything. Phos puffed his cheeks in anger at the redhead.

"You know Phos, Cinnabar's job is to patrol the night where there's no Lunarian at all, the nights are safer than day. Cinnabar feared of hurting the others, that's why she chose the job, to kept her away from the others, and isolate her lonely self",[Y/N] said as she looked at Cinnabar's leaving figure.

"Then, I'll find a job. A job only for Cinnabar! A fun job that only you can do Cinnabar!! I will find it!! OII!! Are you even listening?!?!", Phos yelled at the leaving figure of Cinnabar.

And with that, the two gems left the now non existing cliff, and went back to the school. Infront of the building, Rutile was waiting for them to comeback, and when she saw her assistant, Quack Doc quickly ushered the female gem to the medic room to be chipped off.

After a few hours of chiseling, Rutile applied powder to [Y/N], a bowl of her contaminated shards was sitting on the table.

"I've never been chipped before, how does it feel Senpai?", Phos asked as he shook the bowl containing the [H/C] girl's shards.

Not wanting to frighten the young gem about how much it hurts, it feels like when you peeled your skin. [Y/N] only shrug at Phos who then went back playing with [Y/N]'s shards, until Rutile took the bowl away from the peppermint coloured gem.

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