Chapter 26

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It was almost the end of our tour through America, while we were on tour we had some time off. I went back to England with Alex, the doctor said that Alex is totally allowed to play football again! I am so happy for him'!

Today we had a week off before ending or tour and Alex was going to play his first game again, after a couple of trainings he's finally going to play a match. I drove to the game together with Alex his mom. I looked on my Instagram and saw Alex was starting, I got really excited.

The game went pretty well, Alex had his weaknesses but who cares? "Omg that was such a great assist from Alex!" I said clapping my hands. "That wasn't Alex honey" Alex's mom said laughing. "Oh". Everyone started chuckling. "Oops!" I said. The score was a draw and the game was almost done when Alex got the ball and ran to the goal. Please please please! I thought to myself, at that moment he scored right in the corner. "Whooooooo" I screamed and stood up. Wendy gave me a hug and we celebrated with the rest of the stadium. I saw him looking at me, he pointed at me and blew a kiss. I blushed and his mom pushed me slightly, I giggled.

It was the end of the game and Liverpool won! I walked to the field as the team was still celebrating there. I waited for the team to walk off the pitch when I saw Alex waving at me, Asking if I would come. I walked slowly on the field and he walked towards me. Alex opened his arms for me and I did the same to give him a hug, but he pulled me fast pulled me closer. He puts his lips on mine and we kissed, right there. On the middle of the field with everyone watching. We pulled out and I looked at him, we were both smiling like crazy. I looked into his gorgeous brown eyes. "Congratulations!" I said. I gave him a slight peck and he wrapped his arms around me. "I'm so proud of you!" I said. We let go of our hug "I love you" He said smiling at me. "I love you to" I said trying to hide my excitement.

We were on our way home and I looked through my Instagram, the kiss me and Alex shared was filmed and from all different kinds off angles. All the fan accounts were going crazy, all the internet pages were too. I smiled to myself.

"Hey man look" Mohammed says. I looked at his phone and saw a video of me and perrie kissing, I smiled. "Ehhhhh good job mannn!" Adam said. I laughed "thanks man" "so when are you planning on proposing?" He asked. "I was thinking of doing it" I said. "No way man!" Adam said. "But it's too early I mean" I got cut off "of course not! If there are two people who are in love, it are you and perrie" He said. "I think you're right" I said. "Of course i am" He said. "So you're gonna do it" "yeah! I am" I said laughing. Everyone cheered and shouted at me then. I laughed. Gosh I'm gonna do it I said to myself. "Oh tip! Steal a ring from her for the size of the engagement ring, you don't want to have a wrong size like I had" Mohammed says. I nodded.

I got home and heard perrie standing under the shower. I decided to grab my opportunity and walked upstairs, i searched for her jewelry and found a little box with rings. I opened it and looked at the rings that looked familiar, I grabbed one that I have seen her wear multiple times but not too often. Cause I was scared she was gonna miss it than. I put the ring in my wallet and put my wallet back in my pocket. I walked back downstairs and empty my bag. I was laying on the couch with the dogs when she walked downstairs. I looked at her, "yeah I could get used to this for the rest of my life" I though to myself. "Hey" She said. I got up "Hey" I kissed her. "Just so you know I'm really happy for you, and I'm really proud of you you did amazing" she said. "Thank you" I said smiling. "Shall we eat dinner?" She asked "good idea".

I got into bed next to perrie, she snuggled up next to me. I loved it when she did that, I never really liked to cuddle, but I absolutely love to cuddle with perrie. I love the feeling of having her in my arms, my hand going trough her hair. Watching her fall asleep, me kissing her hair and then fall asleep myself. I loved those moments. Some people think that it's stupid cause who cares but not me, I think their the best moments there are. I know people who treat their girlfriends like garbage, only use them for sex. I could never do that to perrie, I don't need her for sex. I need her because I love her and I will do anything for her.

I got snapped out of my thoughts by soft snores. I looked down and saw perrie had fall asleep, I kissed her head and closed my eyes. Tomorrow I'm going to get a ring and I will propose to you tomorrow night. Please say yes. I thought to myself.

New chapterrr! He's proposing!

Btw have you seen this? Omg I'm in loveeeeeee😻😻😻 hope you liked this chapter! Much loveeee

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Btw have you seen this? Omg I'm in loveeeeeee😻😻😻 hope you liked this chapter!
Much loveeee

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