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EHSAAN.( favour)

The smell of fresh masala tea filled the air. Today, not surprisingly Allahabad was awake since 4 am to witness the maha puja at the sangham ghat. arnav stood near  a tea stall looking incredibly smart in his white shirt and rugged dark blue jeans, waiting for khushi.he spotted her coming from a distance with some ladies one of them being indrani , the person with whom the story of his family’s  ruin started .his blood boiled on seeing her due to the flames of the rage erupting in his eyes.but the flames immediately calmed on seeing khushi ,looking as serene as a river in her attire .she had wore a pretty white coloured shirt blouse  and a light blue silk saree with silver embroidery on it. her face looked as divine as ever , her darkly lined eyes ,heavy eyelashes , a small red bindi on her forehead, ,silver jhummkas , mogra flowers around her waist length hair tied in a tight braid , her cute little nose ring , her pink lipgloss adorning her soft , juicy looking lips…………wait arnav control yourself ………..focus ,don’t divert your attention there is nothing new in her being beautiful, she always was.

focus ,don’t divert your attention there is nothing new in her being beautiful, she always was

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“ good morning, mr. raizada , let me introduce you to indrani upadhyay, the mahantani of the shaivite temple of Allahabad

( people who worship lord shiva are shaivites

Those who worship lord Vishnu are vaishnavs)

Also she is  my mother.”

“I know “

“huh ………….but how”

“mrs .upadhyay I must say your daughter has inherited your beauty quite well”

Both indrani and khushi gave a soft smile on this statement. shashi came in his wheelchair accompanied by his nurse.he suffered from schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder in which the person starts believing some imaginations of their own mind which are completely contrary to reality .for example currently although both his legs were in good state , he believed he is paralysed  and so the wheelchair.

Khushi slightly bended towards him

“papa , this is mr. raizada from London , my new client”

Shashi didn’t respond and went away. Indrani followed him . khushi  felt teary looking at her father's ignorance yet hid her tears  and turned towards arnav

“mr raizada , it is time for the puja , come near the riverside you shall get a closer view to  the puja .”

Many pandits were chanting hymns by the riverside while indrani and shashi were pouring offerings like flowers and herbs into the river. arnav and khushi were standing at a height above the river to witness the puja

“this puja has been performed since aeons by the people of allahabad to show the purity and sanctity of the rivers  ganga , Yamuna and saraswati.well ,saraswati dried up centuries ago but some say the river still flows underground,you would be surprised to know that there is a scientific reason behind this puja. These specific hymns create such sound frequencies that the microorganisms in the river are compelled to clean the river , the herbs help the dirt to gather together and sediment  .interesting isn’t it!”

Arnav nodded. he remembered  how a decade ago he was the one  who had explained this all to khushi .suddenly indrani called out to khushi for some help in the rituals.

“excuse me mr raizada I will be back in a minute .pls wait here for me”.saying this khushi turned to go , but instead her foot clashed against something causing her to loose her balance ultimately making her fall into the deep river. Arnav saw her falling while she scream and everyone looked on shocked.

Indrani screamed “ someone save my daughter , she doesn’t know how to swim”. Ira and esha looked on scared. arnav at once took a huge leap while khushi struggled to float in the river. arnav caught of hold of her  tiny waist and whispered into her ears “trust me”. A scared khushi placed her small hands on his shoulders for support. He slowly brought her to the river bank and carried her in his arms till they reached near indrani. Khushi and arnav were offered towels to dry themselves khushi silently looked in his eyes as if searching for something .then indrani came forward to thank arnav.

“you have done a big favour on us by saving our child’s life.thank you so much”

“no no aunty , it was my duty ,for humanity’s sake to save another’s life.”

Arnav’s this sentence touched khushi’s heart .where do you find such men these days who selflessly try to do something for others…..? the respect she had for him increased ten folds .

Suddenly aman arrived .aman was arnav’s housekeeper cum servant who knew all of arnav’s plannings.

“sir I hope you are fine sir. sir I wanted to inform you that the guesthouse where you had booked your stay  suddenly caught fire. Somebody in the ground floor left the gas stove on. thank god all your belongings have not yet arrived from the airport but where shall you stay now sir?”

“ if you don’t mind mr. raizada you can stay in the mahant haveli” offered indrani

“no no maam it s fine there are many hotels around here. You are just inviting unnecessary trouble”

“what trouble, you have saved my daughter’s life I am  obliged to you , please I insist.”

“okay as you say” and he smirked.

Hello every body hope you enjoyed the chapter.pls like vote comment buddy and suggest me arshi scenes

pls like vote comment buddy and suggest me arshi scenes

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