Haru Part 1

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After flying for about a day, we decided to stop in a forest and rest. Once we landed, katara suggested going deeper into the forest, so less people would spot out two enormous bison. Katara and Sokka laid out there bed rolls while Aang and I found very comfortable trees.

"Hey Aang! How high can you jump?" I leaped high, manipulating the air and pushing me higher. I landed gracefully on top of a huge branch. Aang waved at me from down below and got ready to jump. When he did, he went a branch higher. We both took turns, jumping and climbing, and eventually started to jump from tree to tree. We played tag and challanged each other to different dares.

Once we came back, there was a lit fire, and Sokka and Katara were lying down and talking. "I don't know. I guess another one does seem unlikely." katara told Sokka as we edged nearer. "exactly. I think we need to keep an eye on her. She could be dangerous. " Sokka said . In this group there was only two girls, and one of them was talking, which meant they were talking about me.

"What's dangerous?" I asked as Aang and I took our places at the base of a tree. They both looked a little panicked. "where we stay!" Katara exclaimed, a little flustered "Fire nation could just turn up at any moment." at least they were kind enough to talk behind my back and not in front of me. "Aang and I searched in every direction. No fire uniforms." I reassured, putting my hands behind my head and leaning on the trunk. "But, if you're really worried, I could stay awake and keep look out?" not to sound selfish but I didn't really want to. I just said it to be friendly and seem less dangerous. "if you guys looked far then theres no need." Katara said, turning and getting ready to sleep. "I think we should all get some rest." she yawned. I got comfortable and closed my eyes.

When I woke up the next morning, Sokka was gone and Aang was playing with Momo. "Wheres Sokka?" I asked, stretching. "he went to look for food." I turned to katara and saw that she was still sleeping. "Aang." I said, walking closer and keeping my voice low. "I don't think Katara and Sokka trust me." Aang looked at me with confusion. "what do you mean?" I glanced back down at katara and was about to say something when Sokka walked through yelling "I've got food!"

I parted from Aang and sat back at my tree. As Katara woke up, Sokka looked from me to Aang and back again. "were you two...." he grinned. When I gave him a blank look, he turned around and started to hug himself. "Ew! Sokka! no!" I exclaimed, turning around and shielding my eyes. As i helped katara pack some things, I heard Aang trying to persuade Sokka that there was nothing between us.

Katara smiled at me thankfully. "your much more helpful then the other two." she said, raising her voice so they could hear. "hey!" Sokka yelled. "I brought breakfast." we surrounded Sokka with our mouths watering. "So?" I asked hungrily. "what did you bring?" he took his bag and opened it. "Nuts!" he exclaimed, dumping the contents onto the floor. "that's a rock." I said, picking one up and throwing it playfully at him. "try eating it if you don't believe me." we all laughed at Sokkas attempt at food hunting when Aang shushed us all.

"I heard something." he said, and all of us became silent. Suddenly, a loud boom could be heard from the distance. We all ran to the noise. "Shouldn't we run away from huge booms?" Sokka yelled after us.

We stalked our way to the noises, and found a young boy. He was practicing earth bending, lifting a huge boulder and crashing it to the floor. We hid behind a tree. "Let's go meet him." katara said excitedly as Sokka shook his head. "no way. Look at him! He could be dangerous." I flinched at the word dangerous and thought back to the night before. katara ignored her brother and practically ran to the stranger.

"hello!" she waved. "I'm katara, what's your name? " the boy looked up in shock and started to run in the opposite direction, earth bending rocks to block us from following. "nice to meet you!" Sokka said sarcasticly. "he must be running somewhere." Aang said, starting to run. "a village!" I yelled and ran with him.

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