Chapter #10: Birthday Girl-- Part 1

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"Asher you weren't supposed to say anything!"

The quiet room was suddenly filled with yelling. I was in a state of shock, sitting on the bed with my mouth drooped open. I didn't know what to say or do, so I just sat there, completely drowning in my own mind. I didn't know how to feel. My skin felt suffocatingly tight on my body, a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. I wasn't necessarily mad or angry, I was just surprised. It was one of those feeling's where you suddenly start imagining so many "what if's?" that you actually begin to start believing they may happen.

"Man you were gonna tell her anyways!" Asher fights back, his accent seemingly becoming stronger as he rubbed the situation right off his shoulders.

"She's my fucking girlfriend man. I'm supposed to tell her. You're not supposed to just throw that shit at people," Evan seethes, running his fingers through his hair harshly.

I push myself off the bed slowly and stand up, standing in front of Evan, my face blank. "You got drafted?"

Evan sighs, his face falling. "Yeah. I got drafted before all the guys-"

"But how?" I quickly interrupt, my voice coming out reluctantly whiny.

"Coach Raygen wrote about me- and when we had nationals he had agents come in and... I guess they just wanted me really bad," Evan explains briefly, coming closer to me and laying his hand on my cheek. I knew he was trying hard not to sound egotistical although he wanted to explain more. "This is good for me."

"I- I know it is, Evan. I just can't believe that you'll be gone... gone for a year? You know how long that is? I mean, when were you planning on telling me?" I mutter, letting out an uneasy sigh.

The bed squeaks, making me flinch as Asher sits down on his own bed. He seemed to quiet down and subtly watched us, not butting in this time. I don't break eye contact with Evan as I watch him struggle to explain himself; not that he needed to. I was just overreacting, something I was good at doing.

"I was going to tell you earlier, but I didn't want to ruin your birthday weekend. I know I'm leaving Sunday for 5 days, then for a year after that, but I just didn't want you to stress over it."

I hesitantly break eye contact, and turn around to pace the room slowly. I didn't want to cry- that'd be beyond pathetic. I was aching so much everywhere, mentally and physically. I wanted so bad to support my boyfriend's future, but that put our relationship on edge.

There was a pain of worry in my heart- I'd hate for anything to go wrong. For once, I had to be the reasonable person in the situation. Being negative would only make Evan feel negative and that's exactly what I didn't want to happen. When I stop pacing the room, I frown at Evan, my voice going up an octave. "What about our relationship, Evan?"

Evan shakes his head, scowling in dismay. "What do you mean Peyton? What about it? Nothing will change! We always make everything work. If anything, it'll be less than a year. It all depends on my skills, and you know how good I am," he chuckles, giving me a small wink whilst trying to lighten to mood. He slowly walks towards me, a sad smile on his lips.

His arms wrap around my neck, his chin poking into the top of my head. I return the hug and bring my arms round his waist and I sigh, closing my eyes. I shamelessly take in a large whiff of the cologne he had on, one that was so recognizable as Evan's.

"How the hell does long distance even work? I can't even last a day without seeing you."

Evan chuckles quietly. "Pey, don't sweat it. It's not like I'm leaving forever."

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