Me - you

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„That was one hell of a trip wasn't it surgeon?"

In the toilets of the Prague main train station, the first drops of piss hit their target.

„Yeah, it was, coach."

„And all along it was so obvious! It would have been enough to listen to our intuition, and we would have saved ourselves all the trouble."

„Intuition? Are you philosophizing again?"

„Well yeah. Look at how it all started. Had someone else sold me the tickets to Katowice at Prague main station, I would still be sitting in the inspector's office."

„For a five hundred crown bill?"

„Don't forget it was a fake five hundred crown bill! I just don't get it. The paper was so different, should have noticed it!"

„Well yeah, but you can't go around checking all the bills that pass through your hands, you'd go nuts!"

„Ok, and what about Bohumin, instead of getting on the train to Katowice, we got on the express to Vienna?"

„I did tell you that it looked kinda too luxurious for an old school polish train. Thanks God it stopped in Ostrava and in the end we managed to catch our train."

„Yeah, but I left my book there, with the five hundred bill in it which I used as a book mark. Wrong again, surgeon."

„At least you did not end up in the slammer in Poland for faking hard Czech currency."

„Don't laugh too much, they would have thrown you in right next to me, cause I'd immediately point at you as my accomplice. And if that wasn't enough, I'd tell them about your nick name, surgeon, and why they call you so. That it is not because of your job, because of those devilish hands of yours that know how to fix everything that stops working in the human body."

„Its probably because I go blabbering about it in America?"

„No. Its because you hit people. However, I don't understand how you can still be practicing martial arts at such level. That nobody forbids you to do it. Especially when I consider all you putting at risk. It would be enough to sprain a finger and your career would be over."

„No worries, nothings happening to my hands."

„Wishful thinking."

„No, for real."

„As you think. The truth is that from yesterday you have more worries with your head than with your hands. Does it still hurt?"

„Like a bitch, but its already much better than yesterday."

The pants were zipped and heavy boots set in motion. They passed through the tourniquets around glass doors and they then emerged on the main artery leading to the trains. But the boots went the opposite direction. To the metro.

„I don't want to lecture you, you know best what's good for you, but in your place I'd go to see a doctor. The sooner, the better. Just to be safe. When I just remember how that polish dude banged you on the head, I thought you were done. Lucky your head is made of stone. I really don't understand how you managed to stand up."

„Yeah, but until that time I was better. I was winning on points wasn't I?"

„I don't know how the judges had it. In my eyes for sure. Well, the important thing is that you survived."

„So we were lucky? Just like in getting back to Prague."

„Like as in making it to the last fucking train that got out of there?"

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