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<P>if ur confused, this story used to be called "I'm gonna lick ur ass as soon as i get out of these chains" but it was just a tiiiny bit long, so i've changed it 2 CANNIBAL ///</P>

<P>btw the utube clip attatched is the song Cannibal by ke$ha and the vid is of Caroline and Catherine from vampire diaries (great series, must watch) it has nothing to do with wat the characters look like, but i thought it was a good videox</P>

<P>i hope u like it. so, here it goes...</P>


<P>I stare out of my open bedroom window. The sky is a beautiful violet, with a dozen stars beginning to twinkle in the early evening. The field of bottle green grass and wild daisies stretches from the compound to the beginning of the feral forest that runs on seemingly forever. I take a deep breath, feeling a warm autumn breeze caress my face and catch a few strands of my punk-short black hair. </P>

<P>I hear a quiet tap at my bedroom door and turn my head, grinning as Dean, my best friend/partner-in-crime, silently slips in.</P>

<P>His curly black hair falls into mysterious yellow eyes which stand out against his coffee tanned skin. He's average height, with slim shoulders and long, agile arms. He looks like someone out of a horror movie. A skull earring dangles from his left ear, with a matching skull necklace. His muscled chest is clad in a tight grey t-shirt with some random rock band logo stamped across the front. A thick metal chain acts as a belt, holding up ripped jeans. He smirks at my excited expression and slumps into my desk chair, his long limbs stretching out luxuriously. He chuckles when I raise an eyebrow pointedly at his outfit.  </P>

<P>"Speak for yourself," he whispers, gesturing at my own appearance, "I thought we were goin' to hunt vampires, no' go to an orgy!"</P>

<P>"Well, personally, I think I'm lookin' pretty damn fiiiiine. I mean, just look at me! I'm bootylicious!" I whisper back as I saunter over to my wall length mirror and scrutinize my getup. </P>

<P>I'm wearing a blood red, short top that reveals my flat stomach, but has long sleeves that end in gothic points at my middle fingertips. My belly button is pierced with a sparkling silver heart ring which matches the silver choker wrapped around my neck studded with the same hearts but in a darker grey. My black denim mini skirt hangs low on my hips, revealing the tattoo of a wolf silhouette on the small of my back, with its head thrown back as it howls at the moon. But this black ink represents so much more than a pretty image. It's the mark of my rank in the shifter community; the mark of a vampire hunter.</P>

<P>I sigh lovingly as I twist my legs this way and that, praising my high-heeled, mid-thigh, super sexy red boots. That's my passion in life- boots. Tall ones, short ones, shiny ones, fluffy ones. I love them all! Though I'll admit that I've always had a special thing for the ones with high heels, and these bad boys had at least five inches with a wooden heel sharpened to make a deadly wicked stake. Damn, I love my job!</P>

<P>My makeup is simple but bold. Thick eyeliner and smoky eye shadow make my emerald eyes shine with a wild, animalistic intensity. My permanently bronze-tanned skin shimmers as the beast beneath the surface shivers in anticipation for the night ahead. Dean's eyes meet mine in the mirror and I see the signs of his animal in the way his pupils expand and his muscles flex.  </P>

<P>"Ready babe?" he asks, winking flirtatiously.</P>

<P>"Born ready. Now c'mon, let's do this thing already."</P>

<P>Together we shimmy out of the open window and drop the fifty feet to the patio, our strong legs bending to absorb the impact. A light blinks on from one of the bedroom windows and we hurriedly press our backs against the building's old stone wall to avoid detection. After an agonizing ten minutes or so, the light winks out and, after a wary glance around, we sprint over the field to the cover of the forest. Once concealed in the reassuring shadows and surrounded by twisted mossy trunks, we glance back at the compound. </P>

<P>Brown creepers slink over half of the rectangular brick building. Dozens of identical windows line the upper and lower floors, with the same peeling paint and stiff, moth-eaten curtains. Crumbling statues of ferocious animals edge the steep roof, their glazed eyes gazing out at the passing world in sadness. Despite their snarling faces and raking claws, those poor bitches were stuck here just like me. </P>

<P>Dean tugs my arm and I allow him to pull me along a hidden track until we reach an enormous oak tree with a trunk the size of truck. He sticks his hand inside a small secret hole veiled by moss and pulls the lever I know resides inside it. Two of the huge roots are pulled apart be some unknown contraption to reveal a car-sized hole with a black motorbike nestled snugly inside.</P>

<P>Dean, as though it weighed as much as a cushion, lifted the motorbike from its hidey-hole and settled it on the ground. He reaches inside the secret hole again to push the lever back into place and covered it with moss again. The two roots swing back into their original position as he mounts the bike. I clamber on behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist before we speed away in a cloud of dirt. </P>

<P>I take a deep breath of fresh air as we swerve between the tree trunks towards the borders of the compound. After ten minutes, we come to the east border of the forest. There is no one in sight as we skid out of the forest and onto the deserted road that runs from here to the nearest town twenty minutes away. We release our baited breath and laugh as Dean revs his engine and we speed along the dusty road, passing dozens of fields with numerous types of crops. When lights appear on the horizon we shout jubilantly as we race towards our freedom.</P>

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