How You Met

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Surprisingly, however, not so surprisingly, you had stumbled across Armin while trying to catch up on some extra lecture lessons. You were failing ever so gently on some knowledge, and Connie along with yourself decided to find some teachers to ask for some extra help. However, upon walking into the classroom, your eyes landed onto the blonde haired boy. He was sat with a book down between his arms, reading along with his bright blue eyes flicking in synch. Connie obviously must've knew him after shouting out his name, from which you found out was Armin. When he lifted his head and laid his vibrant eyes onto your body, he immediately flushed. From that day on, you two had gotten along more than expected; of course with your interests with books. Armin thought you was more than perfect, in fact, his dream girl. However he flushed upon admitting that.

It all started with a cocky comment, directed to you? Who knows, but as soon as you spun your head around to quickly snap back, you were honestly shocked. You only imagined a normal, ordinary, good for nothing soldier, however Jean was far from it. After you both laid eye contact, you were both practically speechless; however he was only more. His face was bright red when you slowly but finally looked away.
It was a couple days later until he plucked up the courage to talk to you, the only words that slipped out were awkward coughs and splutters before uttering that you were pretty. The silence was awkward until you started to chuckle, which gave him a huge confidence boost. Every since, you always loved to embarrass him because of that.
He thought you were the prettiest girls, with of course, the cutest laugh; however he would often would remark that you sounded like a pig when you snorted.

This one started off rather bad. After you'd met in training, you uttered something under your breath which Eren instantly took the wrong way. With his short temper, it retorted to an argument with involved a lot of peering eyes over your shoulders.
You were gobby and it took a lot of people to divert you away from almost slapping him.
However, after he struggled with the ODM, his last resort was to you; which of course he didn't want to do.
It took a lot of convincing, but you both ended up outside to help him control his weight. It succeeded, for a short while. However, he was thankful and after practicing, you had time to chat. You got to know each other and the fight which started off your oncoming relationship was forgotten about. Ever since, you've gotten along and helped each other out through thick and thin.
He always thought you were gorgeous, of course he never said that when he first shouted in your face.

Surprisingly, you met in the town centre upon watching as the Survey Corps arrived back from their latest expedition. You were still a cadet back then, with little to no friends. You didn't mind, you'd have /some/ chats to other cadets.
As you watched, your eyes immediately flicked over to ' Humanity's strongest. ' You doubted that of course, he was small for a start— how could he be strong with such small height?
You were so deep in thought that you didn't notice that he was literally standing in front of you, blinking slowly to wake yourself up almost.
He had said something, but you weren't listening. He looked you up and down, and then left without a word. Ever since, he would somehow arrive at the cadets training ground and ' observe. '

He saved your life- no, not from a titan, from an oncoming tree; and he didn't really save your life, just prevented a few broken bones and bruises.
You never were the best at ODM at the start and getting the hang of it always resulted in you losing focus on your surroundings. You would mentally kick yourself for it, but when in the moment, you wouldn't pay much notice to prevent such injuries for occurring.
It was a hot summer day and you were in the forest learning how to move from one side to another, managing to move at a fast speed at least. Of course, not taking note of the trees that were vastly larger than you- you were within seconds of coming head first with a mouthful of wood.
A strong arm wrapped around your waist and quickly adverted you to swiftly manoeuvre around the tree, pressed firmly against his large chest. Upon feeling his body strength and muscles, you could only assume it was Reiner until looking up and noticing the black haired, sweaty fore headed boy. A small blush reminisced over his cheeks once you thanked him more than a hundred times.
After that, he plucked up the courage to ask if you needed some help with your training, to which you gladly took up the offer.

You'd met over a stupid bet that had occurred over supper in the mess hall one night. He bragged about how strong he was and explained that he would always be there to help you out.
Although the thought was nice, you didn't need help and insisted that you were much stronger.
Someone from within the crowd piped up with an idea of an arm wrestle between you two, which immediately caused you to grin. He was somewhat shocked, but only played it off with a little smirk.
You'd both sat down and readied yourself before instantly finding that the back of your hand was pressed against the wood of the table. After Reiner had won the small bet, he asked in exchange for a kiss- which resulted in him getting a small smack across the cheek. On which, after you kissed better for him.

He had come one day to give out a special talk about the regiments there were to offer and what The Survey Corps speciality was with the help to fight back against the titans.
You were still in denial about joining, actually, you didn't know who to join at all; that wasn't until Erwin Smith appeared at the front of your class.
He was a rather charming and handsome man whom immediately caught your eye. Expectedly, he took no notice of you- but you had hatched up a plan to ask some questions after the small talk.
After the other cadets disappeared outside into the fresh air, you decided to discuss your opinions and beliefs to Erwin; which immediately took him of an interest of you.
Ever since, he'd occasionally pop by to have the small talks he ever so enjoyed, but considering he was a busy man, the opportunists were rare.

Of course it had all started with a sniff, after you had been on an outing with the other cadets; you were allowed a day to see what The Survey Corps did on their spare time. Much like a field trip.
He approached behind you suddenly, a satisfied noise heard from behind you which broke your attention from a superiors talk. Turning on your heel suddenly, you made contact with an unusual man who appeared to be sniffing you.
Immediately you became self conscious and slowly glanced down at your shoulder to take a whiff.
He concluded that you smelt of sweat and then flowers mixed together, which was somewhat off putting for you. However, it made you blush, and that was enough to make him smile.

This is my first time doing this kinda of stuff, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing; but I'll make sure they're long and worthy enough for you to have a good read through.
The characters may also be off, I know; I'm working on it, and yes, it's bugging the hell out of me too.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, just go ahead and send them over. I'll love to hear them.

They'll be longer writings for each character too, so.. yeah.
There may be loads of mistakes too, because I low-key wrote this at like one in the morning?

Enjoy and thanks for reading ✌🏼

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