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Chapter Thirty Seven

"What's wrong is she okay?" Andy asked, as him and Sian frantically entered the hospital.

"We're running some tests to make sure there's no broken bones, for now she's stable" The doctor replied with a smile, leading them to Arabellas room.

"What happened?" Sian questioned, looking sadly at her bestfriend laid in a hospital bed.

"Your friend Jack said she had tripped and fell, we won't know for sure until she's awake" The doctor said shuffling through different paper work.

"That's weird" Andy muttered.

"Where are my friends now?" Andy asked

"Just down the corridor in the waiting room, they are allowed in now" The doctor left the room, away to tell the others they could come visit their friend.

"Where were the others when this happened? This is all so weird Andy" Sian said worried.

The others entered the small room, worry plastering their faces. Mikey was the first to dart to Arabellas side.

"Jack how did you let this happen?" Sian said angrily.

"It wasn't my fault, she wasn't looking and she fell down the stairs" He said giving her a dirty look.

"Mikey" They heard a groan.

"Bella, are you okay? Please say you're okay?" Mikey said quickly, grabbing the girls hand tighter.

"I'm fine, i'm fine" She said with a small laugh.

"You scared us" Sian muttered pulling Arabella into a hug.

"What happened? Can you remember?" Sophie asked, taking a seat beside the small bed.

"I remember Jack and I didn't want to take the elevator, so we headed for the stairs, my shoes weren't tied properly and i tripped" She said in confusion.

Jack stood in the corner of the room. A small smirk on his face. Arabella caught the little smirk, she knew something about this situation wasn't right. She remembered tieing her laces twice, they weren't going to make her trip. Someone else did this to her and the only person that could be, was Jack.

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