2 - Being Nosey

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2 - Being Nosey

First impression of this school...it's clean. The floors were shining from the incredible buffing job that the custodians did, and the walls were neatly decorated with newsletters and artwork.

The lockers were royal blue, and were stacked top and bottom against the walls. Each classroom door was decorated to its subject.

The school day went by in a breeze. All my teachers were nice and the students were sociable. The only thing throwing off this day was the constant talk about what happened this morning.

It took the majority of the morning for custodians to clean the principal's office out, and with each breaking minute, Principal McFerry got more and more angry.

No one has stopped talking about it. Even in the bathrooms, girls are still talking about it and "Hottie Wilson".

Yes, this is the name that the females call him. I have to admit, he did look extremely attractive with his not-a-care-in-the-world demeanor.

Not to mention the way his eyes almost looked black from a distance, I wonder what color they are.

He had a slim frame, but I could tell he had some arm muscles just by him crossing his arms. I wonder where else he has muscles.

He didn't stand very tall, but he was definitely taller than my 5'2" height. I wonder how tall he is. When he had spoken, his voice -not overly deep- had oozed from his mouth with amusement. So yes, I can understand why they'd call him Hottie Wilson.

At this precise moment, I was just finishing up in a stall in the bathroom when a girl walked in. She had headphones on as she bobbed her head up and down to the beat.

She didn't notice me as she went into a stall, humming whatever tune is playing in her ears.

I walked to the sink and put soap in my hands. I looked into the mirror at my reflection. My dark brown eyes weren't a sight for sore eyes, but they were mine and I was satisfied with them.

I had dyed my the tips of my hair a purple, making my natural black hair look as if it's fading into purple. It gave my mid-back, length hair an Ombre look and I loved every minute of it.

Why purple hair? Simple answer: Why not purple? I've had my hair dyed so many different colors that my friends back home use to tell me to remind them what my real hair color was.

Home. Well, more like my mom's house. See, my parents are divorced and live an hour away from each other. They got divorced over four years ago and they have join custody of me. I continued to live with my mom as Dad moved out.

Ever since then, I've gone to school in my mom's district and spent my summers with my dad. But, this time around, I'm spending my school year with my dad, since I'm considering colleges in this city.

Now, a lot of people get the worst ideas when they think of parents divorcing, and how the children are affected.

But that's not the thing with our family. The divorce did my parents more good than bad. I'm ecstatic to see that they both are living their single lives happily.

I'm not going to lie and say that it didn't bother me that they split, because it did. I was heartbroken that they couldn't work out their differences

But, I look at the glass half full rather than half empty. Because of their divorce, I don't have to listen to them arguing back and forth every night.

Because of their divorce, I have two places to call home; that's lucky, because some people don't even half one place.

I smiled as I looked down at my fully bubbled hand and rinsed them with water. I heard a toilet flush just as I grabbed a few paper towels to dry my hands. The girl with the headphones on emerged from the stall and walked to a sink.

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