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" I'm so full. This really have the best coffee and waffles." Kendall says

"Told you so. Their coffee is totally bomb." I said while rubbing my stomach, it's a habit of mine when I'm full. I heard Kendall giggling  which I wonder why, "What are you laughing at?"

"I just found you cute" she said but she immediately corrected herself "I mean, rubbing your tummy is cute" she rambled as she blush

"Ah don't worry, Me being cute is not a big deal, I kinda got that a lot" I said teasing her

"Yeah fine." She said as she roll her eyes as I laugh at her reaction. "So uhm, do you want anything else?" She ask

"Nah I'm so full. I'm so bloated, Look" i pointed my belly which is a bit bloated from eating a lot.

"I feel you" she said while laughing. "Where you going after?" She asked

"I guess, I'll gonna crash a bit in the gym to burn all the calories we just ate. And then I'll have to meet with someone" I said.

"Ow so that's why you don't get fat even you have a big appetite, huh?" Kendall says as she was askin fo the bill.

"Not really, it's just that my metabolism is fast." I said while shrugging then the waitress  came in while kendall is paying the bill

"Uhm. Can you now tell me now your name, Ms. Stranger?" Kendall ask

"And why is that?"i also ask

"Well it's normal to know our names right? And it's really weird that I've been talking to you and all and yet we still remain as strangers" she said while chuckling about her remarks

"Not at all. I found this interesting. Like you not knowing me and so do I." I reason out cause I don't want it to happen again...


I heard a shutter sound which I notice that she took a picture of me. "Hey delete that" I said.

"And why is that? You look so cute here" she said while showing my stolen picture

"No I am not, so give me that" as I was struggling to get the camera from her cause she's fast but not fast enough. "Got it" I said then I notice that were so close. She's leaning closer while i stepped back. But she kept on leaning and leaning while looking into my lips then back to my eyes. I step back every time she move closer but I was now against the wall and she's dangerously close to me while she kept looking at my lips. Her face now is just few centimetres away from me. I closed my eyes waiting for the contact, but instead i felt her breathing in my ears as she whispered

"I got it" she said while walking away from me with the camera. I was still processing what just happen. She tricked me and now she got the camera back. "You thought I'm gonna kiss you huh?" She asked while smirking

"N-no." I stuttered, great. "Just give me that" i said while now moving back to her to delete my picture.

"Nope" she said while shaking her head. "But I'll give it to you if you kiss me" she said while looking at me seriously.

I was looking at her if she's joking or what but she seems really serious about me kissing her. So she's now moving again near me. "Okay fine you can have that picture, I don't care anymore" i said and I walked out and went to the bathroom. This is bad. What is this am I feeling.

After composing myself in the bathroom, I went back to the room just to see her sleeping with her head on the table. She was still holding the camera while she sleeps. I carefully took the camera and I'm about to delete the picture but instead I just got my polaroid camera in my bag and took a picture of her sleeping. She looks cute when sleeping.

After few seconds the polaroid is printed "how can someone be this cute?" I said as i admire the polaroid.

Flashback end

Kendall pov

I was talking to her but she seems zoning out. She kept her eyes looking at the polaroids on the wall.

"Hey stranger, hello, do you here me?" I said as i was now waving my hands in front of her face and now she seems to notice

"Sorry, what were you saying again." She asked while taking her eyes off the polaroids

"Why are staring at those polaroids?" I asked and she just smiled

"am I?"she asked innocently

"Yes, you are. You keep on staring it for a while you know?" I said and she just shrugged "so as I was saying a while ago, this is not normal. Me not knowing you, you not knowing me" i said as i sigh "this is literally strage, Ms. Stranger. I think it's normal for us to know each other names atleast" so I extend my hand "so let me introduce myself, I'm Ke-" as I was about to say my name but...


I was cut off by her phone ringing

"Sorry, I have to answer this" she excused herself and went outside to answer her phone

She's nodding her head and while talking and it seems like she's worried about something. She didn't take long until she ended the call and went back inside

"Sorry for that, something came up and I really have to go"she said as she picked up her things and I could see that she's worried about something.

"No, it's fine really. It looks like an emergency so go ahead" i said and she just look at me with a sorry face. Then she called the waitress and asked for the bill. She was taking her wallet out but I grabbed her hand "it's on me, remember. You can go ahead while a settle our bill since you have to be somewhere else" as I assured her with a smile

She send me an apologetic smile and then she walk out.

"I still didn't know her name" I sigh as I stood up and ready to go

Y/N pov

I was really upset to leave her by herself there but is just that my Father called me and he said that he's oh his way to my apartment. Which he didn't mentioned that he would visit me. So I have to hurry home before he arrive.

On my way to my home, My mind kept on thinking about kendall

Is she about to tell me her name and identity a while ago?

If she is, she sure is crazy. What does she wants to do with me. I just good for nothing. Why is she wasting her time on me.

Is just a good thing that my Father called and cut kendall. He saved me from that moment, thank God. Such a perfect timing cause if not, I really don't know how to face her



Okay i know this chapter is boring. Sorry for not being active. Just a lot of thing happening. (Not edited)

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