Chapter 3

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I stared at Soo-Yin's phone. On that very screen, was me. Shouting at that black haired boy. I snatched the phone of her hand and started scrolling down to the comments. 'Bitch how dare she say that about mah precious boi' 

I scrolled down even more.

A pretty girl with an ugly heart, oh wait she's not even pretty'  

'I'd slap her but I wouldn't want to be infected with her ugliness' 

'I bet every room she goes in smells like fish'  

I threw her phone across the room and landed it straight in the bin. 

"The fuck you did that for? Anyways, that doesn't matter. I'll get my boyfriend to buy me a new one!" She paused and then began whining again, "It seems like your life is falling apart!"

"It seems like you ain't getting that diploma even though you're 42 years of age,"  I then stormed off up to my bedroom.

Feeling like I wanted to smash a wall with Soo-Yin's ass, I called one of my best friend's, Jihoon, to come over.

"Hey," I quietly whispered, but loud enough for her to hear

"Hello," She responded awkwardly, it seems like she's seen the video

"Um, I was wondering if you wanna come over to mine,"


"I need to talk about something important,"

"Okay, be right there."

She then ended the phone call. 

Ugh, I can't believe I'm all over the internet! I mean like I would love to be a viral superstar but being a hated viral superstar? No way!  

God if all those cocksuckers wouldn't have filmed me, everything would have been okay. It was all their fucking fault! God, I'm gonna kill those sons of bitches. Especially that bug marvel. Bug marvel? Big marvel? Whatever his name is, fuck him. He deserves to die. Anyways who is he? Some guy who does blogs to show off how rich he is? Does he do those music videos that sound like shit but everyone loves him anyway? Does he do makeup tutorials for retards like Soo-Yin? Let me check...

I hopped onto my spinny chair and turned on my MacBook. As it loaded, I heard the front door open and close. Who could it be? Of course the one and only, Song-Lee. I then heard Soo-Yin's ear-raping heals walking towards him and then the fucking smooches. Ew, those fucking disgusting people.

I slapped my head, stop thinking about that! 

Focus on that bug marvel kid! I typed in my password and then waited for it to log on. 

Once it did, I clicked on the chrome at the bottom of the screen and then searched up 'bug marvel'. No results. What? I then searched up big marvel. About 1,796,526 results popped up. 

Okay, his name is big marvel. The first thing that came up was a YouTube channel called big marvel. I pressed on it to see a depressed looking boy who had 2.7 million subscribers. Wow. I pressed his videos and scrolled down. Wow, this guy has quality content. Ugh, what am I thinking? This guy ruined my life. 


That must be Jihoon. I slammed my door open, ran downstairs, opened the front door wide open and saw my bestie. Jihoon.

"What's the emergency?"  I laughed and then grabbed her arm.

"Let's go upstairs and I'll explain everything," I ran upstairs and Jihoon followed

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