| chapter ten |

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' her heart built a wall around itself
for her garden of flowers hid there '

' her heart built a wall around itselffor her garden of flowers hid there '

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THE QUINJET LANDED OUTSIDE a large farmhouse. The sun rose like a flower opening, gifting its petals unto the world. Amid the dancing, raindrops were the blush of scarlet, the warmth of tangerine. Gazing toward the illuminated clouds, still beneath the ethereal glow, Ellie felt at home in a way she never had before.

The group of superheroes and witch walked into a cosy looking house.

"What is this place?" Thor asked as they walked into the living room.

"A safe house?" Tony suggested, eyes scanning around the house.

"Let's hope," Clint muttered before yelling out. "Honey, I'm home." A heavily pregnant lady soon walked out, panting heavily as she wore a smile on her face. "Hi." Clint smiled apologetically. "Company. Sorry I didn't call ahead."

"Hey." The brunette waved, flashing them a grin. Clint walked up to her, pecking her on the cheek.

"This is an agent of some kind," Tony muttered to Thor, denying that Clint had a family before home.

"Gentleman, and lady, this is Laura." He introduced to his team.

"I know all of your names." She waved them off when they were about to introduce themselves. The group looked at the women awkwardly, Ellie fiddling with her fingers as she didn't feel very comfortable. Tiny footsteps were soon heard, two pairs storming down the stairs.

"Ooh, incoming." Two children ran in, wide grins on their faces as they yelled in excitement, wrapping their arms around him. Barton picked his daughter up, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek before kissing his son's forehead, ruffling his hair.

"These are...smaller agents."

"Did you bring auntie Nat?" The said girl grinned widely when she heard her fathers best friend's voice.

"Why don't you hug her and find out." Clint's daughter giggled before running over to hug the redhead that crouched down.

"Sorry for barging in on you." Steve apologised, feeling slightly bad for intruding.

"Yeah, we would've called ahead, but we were busy having no idea that you existed."

"Yeah, well Fury helped me set this up when I joined. He kept it off SHIELD's files; I'd like to keep it that way. I figure it's a good place to lay low." Clint shrugged. Natasha walked forward, Laura smiling widely at her. The redhead crouched down, pressing her hand to Laura's stomach, softly.

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