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Sue Marie Asillo, a woman has turned 34 years old and still single. She had been working in a furniture trading company for eleven years with Mr.Ikeda whom she respected a lot who treated her not an employee but like his own daughter.

During the saddest event of her life it was him who took care of her, the day her parents died when she not reached five years old.

After the death of Mr.Ikeda she stopped working from that company cause of the bad attitude of her new boss, Mr.Pele the eldest son of Mr.Ikeda.

Now it's been almost a year since she left her work as a Manager and till now no one knew the exact issue that happened between her and Mr.Pele . It's the normal attitude of Sue ... she liked keeping secrets only for herself. Even her best friend Girlie doesn't know much about it, all what she knew was the loud talking that happened between Sue and Mr.Pele that day inside his office ...

Life has been lushed with her before but since she left that job her life turned out to be the same everyday between sleeping, staying alone inside her room, watching movie that she never finished, checked her phone, talking about rigid stuff, crying, shouting at everyone, absent-mindedness, forgetful to finish a task and often not in her regular self.


A cold morning as Sue woke up; she stood from her bed and went to see the calendar.

Another brand new day, but not for her..a new longing she encircled the day with a red marker and crossed out the previous day, only she knew its importance.

Sue sighed as she checked while she told herself:

"A year had passed, still a year remains"

Then she took her stuff bear, the precious gift she had, she kissed and hugged it.. while caressing its brown fur and looking to its big dark black eyes.

Sue to her bear:

"Oh you staring at me again. do I look think! Please smile"

Sue whispered while pinching its nose:

"I love you..."

It has become her day to day doing.

As she walked out from her room, she looked so indisposed while her Aunt always tried to make her day by starting a good talk with her.

Her Aunt greeted her cheerfully:

"Sue would you like some breakfast"

She sat at the chair, and asked for tea.

Her Aunt shrugged her shoulder seeing Sue that way breaks her heart.

Aunt's voice sound worried:

"Why are you doing that to yourself, you don't talk to anyone, including Girlie, you don't leave your room..!! and for God's sake Sue Marie, you are neglecting yourself too much"

Sue stared at her Aunt:

"I'm fine Aunt, nothing to worry about"


"Okay , let us talk then, and please listen to me this time"

Sue while sipping her tea:

"Yeah okay let's talk"

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